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Asif Rehmani Shares Some Thoughts on the Evolution of SharePoint, the SPTechCon event, and What are the Pressing Near Term Challenges facing SharePoint Proponents

In an audio recording of an interview with Clark Buckner of TechnologyAdvice, Asif Rehmani, SharePoint MVP, MCT and CEO of SharePoint-Videos, shares some thoughts on how SharePoint has evolved since 2001, SPTechCon as an annual event, and some of the pressing, near term challenges facing anyone advocating SharePoint. This recording can be found in a post to Asif’s SharePoint Blog titled Asif’s interview with Clark Buckner of TechnologyAdvice.

When asked to speak about the original version of SharePoint, Asif notes “it didn’t really work”, but on the topic of the present version of this product he points to how SharePoint has truly evolved into much more a computing platform than anything else, one “that people can build their solutions on top of”. Asif points to how this is a very important change, and, even more, a powerful catalyst capable of rendering SharePoint into a truly “mission critical” solution for enterprise business and comparably sized organizations in the public and not for profit sectors. After all, with reporting services, business intelligence features, analytics, and even the foundation of an acceptable records management solution, SharePoint has assumed a truly unique position in the market, one other products are not likely to challenge anytime soon.

On the subject of why SharePoint proponents should seriously consider attending one of the semi-annual SPTechCon events, which are held in San Francisco, CA in the Spring, and in Boston, Massachusetts in the fall, Asif answers with a conceptual description of the event experience: “[i]t’s almost like you’re swimming in the ocean of SharePoint with the folks who are using it, the folks who are writing about, [and] the folks who are developing it.”

Readers otherwise unfamiliar with either Asif Rehmani, or SPTechCon should understand how the two are connected. Asif Rehmani has presented at each of the last 8 SPTechCon events. Earlier this year he became a sponsor of the event. SharePoint-Videos was represented as an exhibitor at the Spring, 2014 event, and is scheduled to do the same this fall at SPTechCon Boston.

Clark asked Asif to look into the future, to identify some of the challenges likely to arise for SharePoint and its proponents. Asif identified the complex and panoramic range of development opportunities accompanying SharePoint’s new position as a computing platform as both a plus and minus for anyone championing the use of this platform for enterprise computing. Asif cautioned “the range of possibilities can be mind boggling. This confusion becomes a real issue for end users who can’t determine where they should go to get help.”

But Asif also pointed to a “home grown solution” to this issue, one conceptualized and developed by SharePoint-Videos: VisualSP. With VisualSP, organizations can leverage two unique features — in-context access, and training content useful on demand — to assuage end user concerns and bolster adoption.

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