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Asif Rehmani Presents to a Standing Room Only Audience on SharePoint 2013 User Interfaces

On Wednesday, September 12, 2012 Asif Rehmani offered a webinar on SharePoint 2013 User Interfaces. This webinar is presently available for public viewing on SharePoint-Videos. A subscription is not required to view this webinar.

We were impressed with the fact that more than 500 people attended this webinar. It is, therefore, safe to say that the enterprise market is exhibiting a high level of anticipation with regard to the debut of SharePoint 2013. Further, we can posit that most IT organizations are looking to collect as much substantive information, as possible, in advance of the debut of this next iteration of SharePoint. We hope that the frequent polling that we took during the webinar will prove to be informative for individuals, and even organizations that opt to take the time (a bit over an hour) to review the entire webinar. For example, our poll produced the following set of statistics on the question of an attendee’s depth of experience with SharePoint:

  • SharePoint 2001 – 8%
  • SharePoint 2003 – 33%
  • SharePoint 2007 – 69%
  • SharePoint 2010 – 89%
  • SharePoint 2013 – 7%

As Asif Rehmani explains, the apps concept is deeply integrated into the SharePoint 2013 tiled interface (formerly referred to as “Metro”). It is important to note that lists and libraries must also be accessed as “apps”. In fact, Asif notes that these long familar features of SharePoint, a list or a library, are now ” . . . called an app”. In fact, when lists, libraries, even contacts are available as apps, provisioning them for BYOD requirements like tablet computing and smart phone computing become that much easier. Therefore, we can see how it makes a lot of sense for Microsoft to emphasize apps and to regard the task of building lots of them as quickly as possible as an imperative.

We were particularly taken by the “Site Mailbox” app, which, we think, will be a very powerful feature of SharePoint 2013. In fact, the adoption effort that was very common for earlier versions of SharePoint, where information architects and other personnel responsible for establishing, and, subsequently, implementing SharePoint Governance worked very hard to convince users to change fundamental daily computing operations like attaching files to emails was largely unsuccessful. Now, with this Site Mailbox app, which brings Outlook and Document Libraries into a position where they are juxtaposed within the SharePoint workspace, there will be a much higher likelihood of user adoption of computing “through SharePoint.”

Planning for SharePoint 2013 will require a considerable amount of preparatory effort as this platform represents a radical change in the SharePoint user interface. If your organization must be at the forefront of users implementing SharePoint 2013 you ought to either develop the internal familiarity with the platform that is required to support your preparation, or look for an external partner. As our webinar demonstrates, Rehmani Consulting, Inc has developed substantial familiarity with SharePoint 2013, which is available to organizations in the form of our consulting services and some very early video training content on the product. If you care to learn more, you can either telephone us at +1 630-786-7026 or contact us via email with any questions you may have about the solution we offer for your need.

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