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Planning a Disaster Recovery Strategy Should be a Mandatory Component of Implementing SharePoint

Any implementation plan for SharePoint should have a disaster recovery plan for SharePoint, right? But not so fast, as
Paul LaPorte of Metalogix published in an article titled Shocking Truths of SharePoint Disaster Recovery on June 20, 2014 on the CMSWire web site, a very small percentage (25%) of organizations with a serious commitment to SharePoint and a disaster recovery plan actually support a periodic test procedure for the disaster recovery component, and have certified their ability to restore all mission critical data, if required.

One might ask, why this disconnect? Why is a mere 25% of actively managed SharePoint implementations actively certifying themselves? Perhaps it has something to do with a gap between what looks to be a sound implementation notion and an actual, working, governance plan. In other words, what looked to be manageable when SharePoint was implemented became something unworkable once the governance plan, complete with specific responsibilities at the department, and/or line of business levels was actually rolled out.

A governance plan must be accepted by all of the groups identified as taking ownership in it, if it is too work. In turn, the likelihood of efforts to hasten end user adoption of SharePoint (for example, our VisualSP Help System for SharePoint) should improve, dramatically, once a truly workable governance plan is in place and periodically verified as still workable.

Mr.LaPorte’s article also illustrates why it makes sense to empower the specific groups within an organization taking responsibility for specific components of a governance plan to draft the operational detail required to deliver on the plan. The gap illuminated by Metalogix’s findings may actually be attributable to IT, for example, having to act on a set of procedures outside of their capabilities. Perhaps this disconnect explains the low percentage of organizations testifying to a working test procedure for their disaster recovery plans.

Ira Michael Blonder

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