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A Hybrid Training Plan for All Segments of SharePoint Users Within a Community is a Best Choice

SharePoint stakeholders with large communities of users should implement separate, but complementary methods of delivering required training content to all user segements. Immersive training methods, including, but not limited to any of the annual site subscriptions we offer to SharePoint-Videos.com, together with an in-context, on demand Help System for SharePoint, like our VisualSP product is an optimal solution, with a substantial potential for payback.

Administrators, developers, designers, architects and power users usually capture the most benefit from an immersive training system. End users, on the other hand, benefit most from an in-context, on demand training option. The best way to combine the two, if our menu of options can be considered a working example of the norm, is to provide annual subscriptions to an online repository of best practices, while locally implementing a help system like VisualSP.

But some organizations will not be able to avail of this combination. Security policies for these organizations require any/all content to be reposed locally. For these organizations, a combination of purchasing a set of any of our enterprise DVDs (really specialized training content for specific SharePoint functionality) of SharePoint training content, and implementing VisualSP as the delivery method, for all training content, will prove to be the best solution.

It’s worth noting an additional point about VisualSP. Our product ships with a webpart. The VisualSP webpart can be used to superimpose specific, unique training content onto the help tab in the SharePoint ribbon. So stakeholders will have the option of setting up “training portals” on specific SharePoint functionality, within the corporate firewall. VisualSP’s security trimming feature can then be used to control the level of user able to access the specialized training content exposed on the portal.

If your organization is planning on rolling out a new implementation of SharePoint, or is migrating from an earlier server platform to SharePoint 2013, we’re available to discuss training options with you whenever you’d like. Simply contact us to schedule a discussion.

Ira Michael Blonder

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