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A Free to the Public Webinar on Project Management Using SharePoint Foundation 2010 is Now Available

A useful overview of utilizing SharePoint 2010 Foundation to manage a range of IT projects is now available for public viewing on SharePoint-Videos dot com as a webinar. This webinar, over an hour in length, is full of highly useful observations about how to manage projects with SharePoint 2010 Foundation. For viewers with SharePoint Foundation already in place, this webinar points out specific features of the product that can be easily (and quickly) used to start managing projects.

Most mid to large size businesses require that a formal project management tool be utilized for IT projects. Where SharePoint Foundation 2010 has already been purchased, and implemented, significant hard and soft costs can be saved as long as a standard, approved project management platform (other than spreadsheets, etc) has not been implemented. Further, the approval of any/all non IT participants in a formal project management process (typically Finance) should be secured prior to moving forward with SharePoint 2010 Foundation for the project management task.

Where the above mentioned criteria have been met, the hard cost savings amount to dispensing with the need to spend precious IT budget funds on yet another piece of new software. The soft cost savings amount to pocketing the funds that would otherwise have to be spent training staff in a new enterprise tool, as well as dispensing with any/all further delay that would otherwise be required prior to implementing a formal project management process, complete with an audit trail and governance. After all, time does amount to money.

Not only is SharePoint 2010 Foundation an economical approach for managing IT projects, it also constitutes a valuable method of collecting historical project information–costs, time lines, personnel demands, etc–that can be successfully utilized in a Business Intelligence (BI) process. After all, with SharePoint Services for Access and Business Connectivity Services (BCS), SharePoint can be successfully utilized as a forms-rich front end to MS Access and SQL Server Databases as well as comparable offerings from third parties such as Oracle Corporation and/or SAP.

Please do take us up on our invitation to review this webinar which is knowledge heavy and certainly worth the time of administrators, developers and motivated business heads who need to explore every cost effective avenue for formal IT project management. For corporate users and other large groups we are confident that this tutorial video set can be just the ticket. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to discuss this topic at greater length.

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