Developing Custom Training Content for SharePoint 2010 May Make Sense But How Best to Deliver this Content to Users?

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. recently introduced VisualSP™, which is a product that exposes training content — in video file format, image format, MS Word and/or PowerPoint file format, PDF, etc — to SharePoint 2010 users directly from the SharePoint Ribbon. Our product promises lots of benefits for organizations that have developed custom training content for SharePoint 2010. We often speak with organizations that have chosen to customize SharePoint 2010 features and processes for their specific computing realities and business objectives. In turn, these organizations have opted to develop their own custom training content for SharePoint. These organizations should seriously consider a…
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A Soft Approach on Hastening End User Adoption for SharePoint is a Right Approach

In July of 2012 Rehmani Consulting, Inc. debuted a breakthrough application, VisualSP™, which creates an in-context, task-specific access method to the most useful type of technical training content for applications like Microsoft® Sharepoint® — in other words, video tutorials. This application is available immediately. VisualSP™ ships with a set of 105 end user video training courses. The syllabus of the courses included in this SharePoint 2010 End User Training Course can be found on our SharePoint-Videos web site. On August 30, 2012, the CIO Section of the Wall Street Journal ran an article

Providing SharePoint Administrators, Developers, Architects and Power Users with Unlimited Access to Video Training Content Makes Lots of Sense

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. offers a set of people subscriptions that provide unlimited access to all of the video training content on Microsoft SharePoint offered on SharePoint-Videos dot com. These subscriptions constitute a superior training resource for personnel directly responsible for SharePoint project design, implementation and administration, including: SharePoint Administrators Site Collection Administrators SharePoint Developers SharePoint Architects Information Architects Power Users In fact, this group of SharePoint users will likely have to deal with a very wide range of support requirements as the end user community adopts SharePoint and strives to successfully implement new procedures. Simply providing them with a static,…
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Short Video Training Files for SharePoint 2010 Available Directly from a Working Environment are Valuable for IT Support Teams

With VisualSP$trade;, Rehmani Consulting, Inc. provides an access method to video training content that promises substantial benefits to SharePoint support teams as well as to end users. The VisualSP$trade; access system, which is conveniently located within the SharePoint 2010 ribbon, provides Tier I and II support teams with a recommended list of task-specific video training files. By aligning support procedures to extract the maximum value of this in-context system, support management can streamline problem resolution, which will not only lower overall support costs, but also provide an opportunity for technical personnel to suggest SharePoint procedures to end users which may…
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Setting Realistic Expectations for End User Training for SharePoint 2010 is an Imperative

Regardless of the extent to which specific implementations of SharePoint 2010 have been customized, we think it makes sense for IT to set reasonable expectations for end users as to the training content that they will receive, so that they can perform required tasks with SharePoint. After all, there are clear cost/benefit trade offs for the development of custom training programs, content and methods. With regards to the cost of producing custom video training content for SharePoint 2010, we can say, with confidence, that these production costs are a magnitude higher than is the cost of purchasing any of our…
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VisualSPtm Uses Silverlight to Deliver Video Tutorials for SharePoint 2010

VisualSP™ from Rehmani Consulting, Inc. uses Microsoft® Silverlight® to deliver present full motion video tutorials directly from the SharePoint 2010 ribbon. By opting for Silverlight as our video delivery method, we capitalized on the fact (as pointed out in a January 16, 2012 blog post on CMSWire authored by Chris Wright) that, “[i]n fact[,] the out-of-the-box SharePoint 2010 media webpart is a Silverlight control.” There are other technical efficiencies, stemming from Silverlight, that benefit VisualSP™. However, the fact that Silverlight has been designed for use with SharePoint 2010 ultimately delivers the most benefit to SharePoint end users who can rely…
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VisualSPtm Capitalizes on Microsoft’s Extensive Experience Optimizing Training Content

Perhaps no other business can claim the extensive experience developing training content for software users than Microsoft®. If one cares to verify our claim, simply consider the history of the notorious “Office Assistant” aka “Clippy” that Microsoft developed to support wider user adoption of its Office suite of daily use software tools. The Office Assistant debuted, coincidentally, with the release of Office 97 and continued as an Office feature through Office 2003. With much fanfare, not to mention a brilliant ability to poke fun at itself, Microsoft Office product management decided to terminate the feature with Office 2003 as the…
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Training SharePoint End Users is Generally Acknowledged as a Prime Contributor to Adoption and Should be a Focus for IT

As we have written in earlier posts to this blog, IT organizations constitute the best groups within enterprise organizations to promote end user adoption of SharePoint. As well, it is widely acknowledged that provisioning technical training to end users who need to make daily use of the SharePoint computing environment is a valuable method of driving adoption. Nevertheless realities are that a large proportion of SharePoint implementations lack pervasive end user adoption of the platform. Further, in most of these implementations a uniform and full featured end user technical training program is missing. With VisualSP™ from Rehmani Consulting, Inc., a…
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IT Must Take a More Active Role as a Driver of SharePoint Adoption

The objective of driving end user adoption of a platform like SharePoint 2010 provides an important opportunity for IT departments to potentially deliver substantial reductions in the cost of supporting end users as well as developing applications for business line processes. All of these cost savings will result from an organization successfully implementing a single platform for a wide range of daily computing activities. BYOD and other attempts to consumerize IT threaten to undermine attain of this objective. Therefore, we think that IT organizations need to take a more active role as a driver of SharePoint adoption. VisualSP™ from Rehmani…
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VisualSPtm from Rehmani Consulting, Inc. Takes a Video Training Solution for SharePoint 2010 a Step Forward

With VisualSP™, Rehmani Consulting, Inc. has delivered a product that, effectively, raises the bar on the minimum requirements for video training system usability and overall value. We think that, going forward, SharePoint 2010 users in need of a video training system for SharePoint 2010 will expect an in-context, task-specific access component. We base our assumption on a gap that we have often observed between users of SharePoint 2010 and training content. The results of this gap are widely known: Poor rates of SharePoint user adoption Under-utilization of SharePoint features and capabilities Failure to collect useful business performance metrics for Business…
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