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Business Applications for InfoPath 2010

Successful enterprise businesses that manage to capture lots of value (and almost always lower costs) through the purchase of IT software usually do so, in part, through clearly understanding the operational purpose of the software as well as its potential role in business processes. There is little point, if any, of purchasing software that neither plays a role in current business processes, nor promises to play one in future business processes.

Therefore, we think it makes sense to spend a bit of time analyzing Microsoft InfoPath 2010 ® with regards to ascertaining how InfoPath can benefit business operations. If your organization has implemented SharePoint Server 2010, and you store information received from forms in a database of some type (including Excel Spreadsheets) you ought to think about acquiring InfoPath 2010. Bottom line: InfoPath 2010 is all about forms, but without an accompanying requirement for sophisticated computer programming. In fact, InfoPath forms are all constructed codelessly. Any data that you capture can automatically be added to SharePoint lists. We offer a comprehensive set of video training content on InfoPath 2010 that includes 13 tutorials (1.5 hours in total approximate length) on this software.

A product like InfoPath 2010 acts as a conduit for otherwise non technical business personnel to access and implement software. Codeless development is a natural for the group within this class of software user that aspires to the status of Gartner’s “Citizen Developer”. It is even conceivable that this same class of non technical user can successfully build no code applications to use InfoPath 2010 to populate a Microsoft SQL Server database. A successful attempt to implement the product for this database communication purpose will deliver substantial cost savings as compared to utilizing database specialists to deliver the same result, not to mention elevating the usefulness of existing staff members.

On the topic of benefits, simply consider that with data stored by InfoPath 2010 in SharePoint lists, the problem of file share restrictions is eliminated; therefore, opportunities for collaboration are fostered. As well, potentially important information can be served online via graphical presentation through web pages to cross functional teams of users.

Of course, all the data captured can be used for business intelligence (BI about operations) analysis. With citizen developers doing the “heavy lifting” to capture the data, the whole automated process is brought closer to home for the business process owner who may be more adept at crafting the information into something useful from a management perspective.

Rehmani Consulting Inc offers a total solution for user training for Microsoft SharePoint, InfoPath & SharePoint Designer. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with companies that care to review their interest in products like InfoPath 2010 in terms of the training that will be required to support the effort. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion.

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