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VisualSP Customers Report Positive Results Including a Reduced Support Burden for SharePoint

SharePoint-Videos produces the VisualSP help system for SharePoint. Our product has been on the market since July, 2012. Recently, at three of this year’s big conferences for SharePoint, SharePoint Conference 2012, SPTechCon San Francisco, and, most recently, SPTechCon Boston, we have had an opportunity to meet with several of our customers in person to learn about how they have implemented our solution, and, of most importance, their impressions of its value.

We are very pleased to report each of these meetings was highly positive. Across the board, these customers proactively reached out to us at each of these conferences to express their satisfaction with our solution. Perhaps it is fair to say we couldn’t have asked for a warmer response from organizations who, very early on, chose our solution as a method of providing each of their communities of SharePoint users with a method of acquiring the technical information they need, when they need it, directly within a SharePoint computing environment.

One of our customers expressed his surprise, now, a year into ownership of our system, at how a simple web search could have produced a solution like ours, which has delivered considerably to the community of SharePoint users his group is responsible to support.

Further, on the specific question of how VisualSP has contributed to a reduction in the cost of supporting communities of SharePoint users, he echoed a common theme we had first heard at SharePoint Conference 2014: “We want our users contacting support when something in SharePoint is broken, not when they need to find out how to perform some technical task. VisualSP has helped us expose high value training content about SharePoint technical procedures directly from the SharePoint ribbon. So, we are happy to say, the volume of these calls has gone way down since we implemented your solution.”

Not only have these early adopters let us know of their satisfaction with our system, they have even let us know of their desire to work with us as we continue to add functionality to our product. This is, perhaps, the best of all possible worlds for a business like ours. Who better than one’s own customers could help contribute to future product planning? Needless to say, we plan on putting together a meeting exclusively with our customers in the near future.

If you would like to hear further about just how our customers are using VisualSP, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ira Michael Blonder

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