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Use VisualSP to Put a Damper on the Cost of Implementing SharePoint

In a blog post titled Estimating SharePoint 2013 Licensing Costs, written by Joe Cromer, Practice Leader, at Digital Evolution Group out of Kansas City, MO, a business can put together a broad estimate of the likely cost of implementing SharePoint Server on premises.

From the information provided in Cromer’s article, we put together a cost estimate of $204K for an enterprise business with 1000 SharePoint users, 2 SharePoint 2013 Servers, and Enterprise licensing. This $204K cost is simply the expense of acquiring the system, and doesn’t include any of the costs required to install the system, configure it for targeted functionality, etc. As a ballpark guide, we think it makes sense to plan on at least a matching cost for the services required to bring the server into production, performing the role targeted for it within the computing plans for the parent organization.

Our VisualSP help system for SharePoint can be acquired for the SharePoint implementation we’ve described at a cost of $17900.00, approximately 4.3% of the total turnkey delivered cost of the entire SharePoint system, or $17.90 per licensed SharePoint Enterprise User/Enterprise CAL.

Opting to purchase our system is a smart decision for communities of SharePoint users looking to:

  1. streamline knowledge transfer to SharePoint end user to get them up and running rapidly, and successfully, with their new SharePoint 2013 computing procedures
  2. reduce the cost of end user support by providing the same set of users with in-context access to repeatable, always-on video tutorials. These videos are optimized for the targeted audience. No video is longer than approximately 2 mins in length. The content presentation is completely devoid of abstractions. Each video covers one topic, only, ensuring high rates of retention by viewers.
  3. include custom content specific to your unique organization in the training content presented to SharePoint end users. Content can include training aids, organizational policies and guidelines, slide decks, etc. Literally, any content saved in one of the file formats supported by SharePoint can be added to the VisualSP system

For an additional one time acquisition cost of $5385.00/$5.39 per user (assuming as community of 1000 SharePoint users) any three of our specialized training sets for SharePoint Server 2013 can be added to the VisualSP system. Examples of the specialized training we offer for this version of SharePoint server include:

  • SharePoint 2013: Enterprise Forms (presents Access 2013 as the new preferred platform for building enterprise forms for SharePoint 2013)
  • SharePoint 2013: Branding (customizing the look and feel of your SharePoint computing experience to best serve the needs of your users)
  • SharePoint 2013: Records Management (how to build a useful, reliable records management platform on SharePoint 2013)

Please contact us to schedule a time to discuss your organizations’s specific needs.

Ira Michael Blonder

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