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Use VisualSP, the Help System for SharePoint, to globally deliver project-specific materials to teams

SharePoint is a useful computing platform for collaboration requirements like project management. VisualSP, the help system for SharePoint, can be used to globally expose materials specific to projects to team members. This application should be attractive to organizations where:

  • project team members are new to SharePoint computing
  • and project management, nevertheless, needs them to adopt SharePoint computing, instead of the more familiar “email with a spreadsheet file attachment” procedure

In this scenario project management creates a site collection for the project. A team site template should be used for the root site for this site collection. A unique “Scope” should be created, in VisualSP for all of the materials to be exposed, globally, to project team members via the site. The SharePoint-Videos Webpart is then used to add the VisualSP system to the team site for the project. Each member of this site collection (meaning each member of the project team) will be permitted to view the specific content exposed by the custom scope.

By globally exposing project specific materials to the team members, project management may be able to reduce the amount of “one on one time” required to equip them with the information they each require to successfully perform their respective project roles. If the right materials are chosen, then training materials can be exposed to the team along side the documents, or list items they need to work with. So the training experience delivered by VisualSP can be referred to as “real-time”, since all of the interaction will take place directly in the SharePoint computing environment, and, further, directly within the context of specific tasks.

Organizations implementing our solution for this type of requirement should realize substantially higher levels of efficiency as team members perform their roles. The added benefit of limitless repetition of training aids will also likely deliver added benefit to the team as new techniques and procedures are mastered within an easier process than would otherwise be the case.

Ira Michael Blonder

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