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Training SharePoint End Users is Generally Acknowledged as a Prime Contributor to Adoption and Should be a Focus for IT

As we have written in earlier posts to this blog, IT organizations constitute the best groups within enterprise organizations to promote end user adoption of SharePoint. As well, it is widely acknowledged that provisioning technical training to end users who need to make daily use of the SharePoint computing environment is a valuable method of driving adoption. Nevertheless realities are that a large proportion of SharePoint implementations lack pervasive end user adoption of the platform. Further, in most of these implementations a uniform and full featured end user technical training program is missing. With VisualSP from Rehmani Consulting, Inc., a tool is finally available that promises to fill the training gap and drive user adoption.

Through our conversations with SharePoint stakeholders we often hear that end user technical training must be presented in a manner that includes the unique features of SharePoint as specifically implemented by the organization. Our products are video training classes; therefore, the unique features that are often cited amount to SharePoint’s graphical features, which are often customized for a specific organization. The bottom line for this argument is that a generic set of video training classes on SharePoint 2010, for example, will not successfully communicate the training that end users require to get their work done through SharePoint. Accordingly, we think that any solution that will successfully empower end users with the technical understanding that they require must have a custom element to it, at least to provide a preamble to generic video training content and, perhaps, a conclusion.

VisualSP meets this requirement. Custom training content, whether in video, slide, or editorial format, can be included, as required, in the set of content that is accessible to end users from the SharePoint ribbon with our system. End users can certainly be instructed to review custom training content prior to reviewing any of our video classes, thereby gently introducing these users to what may be looked upon as generic presentations of computer procedures. With a familiar introduction and, perhaps, conclusion, our task-specific, in-context training solution stands a much better chance of successfully communicating the techniques that end users require to get their work done within SharePoint.

If your organization is committed to improving user adoption for SharePoint and you understand the importance of technical training, then you ought to consider our product. You can either telephone us at +1 630-786-7026 or contact us via email with any questions you may have about this video, the InfoPath 2010 set, and possible applications for individual as well as organizational-level viewing and use.

As ever, use this link to place an order for an annual subscription to SharePoint-Videos instructional content

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