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IT Must Take a More Active Role as a Driver of SharePoint Adoption

The objective of driving end user adoption of a platform like SharePoint 2010 provides an important opportunity for IT departments to potentially deliver substantial reductions in the cost of supporting end users as well as developing applications for business line processes. All of these cost savings will result from an organization successfully implementing a single platform for a wide range of daily computing activities. BYOD and other attempts to consumerize IT threaten to undermine attain of this objective. Therefore, we think that IT organizations need to take a more active role as a driver of SharePoint adoption.

VisualSP from Rehmani Consulting, Inc. provides IT organizations with a powerful tool, which can be used to hasten end user adoption. After all, user training for SharePoint 2010 is often cited as a key impediment to better adoption of the platform. The in-context, task-specific access to video training content that VisualSP delivers, we believe, will go far to empower end users with required training content at an optimum moment — meaning when they are in the midst of performing tasks — and, specifically, on the very procedures that need to be accomplished to successfully complete tasks. In sum, we think it makes sense for most IT organizations managing SharePoint 2010 implementations to carefully consider our product for a role in an end user training system for SharePoint.

The fact that custom video training content can be served to users along with our video tutorials by the VisualSP system provides IT organizations with a means of designing training content with unique features that non computer savvy end users at specific organizations may, in fact, require, in order to build a comfort level using SharePoint 2010 for daily computing requirements. We think that adding just a few custom video tutorials will typically suffice to provide end users with a more familiar look and feel to our core set of video training content. Of course, creating merely a few custom video tutorials will likely be less expensive a procedure than would otherwise be the case if a complete set of custom videos were required.

We welcome opportunities to demonstrate the capabilities of our system for IT organizations that understand the importance of end user training to attaining adoption objectives. You can either telephone us at +1 630-786-7026 or contact us via email with any questions you may have about this video, the InfoPath 2010 set, and possible applications for individual as well as organizational-level viewing and use.

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