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In-Context Access to Training Content Presents Benefits Beyond a Reduction in the Cost of SharePoint Support

As Microsoft refines the features of SharePoint, and SharePoint Online, Office 365, and adds more services like Delve, these computer platforms will take on more of a mission-critical role for the organizations opting to implement them.

In posts published on earlier dates to this blog, this writer has presented opinions about why computer platforms playing a mission critical role for the organizations opting to implement them tend to deliver substantially more value than platforms not chosen for such a role. This lesson does not appear to be lost on Microsoft. One can be confident product marketing will continue to add more “high value” features to SharePoint and to SharePoint Online, Office 365 in the not too distant future.

An in-context access method like VisualSP can play more than one role in a mission critical implementation of SharePoint. This type of solution can be used to expose training content to a wide cross section of SharePoint users. But it also can be used to expose business specific training content directly to personnel as they perform computing tasks.

For example, consider a banking business, and, further, its commercial lending operation. There is no reason why video tutorials on how to safeguard electronic loan documents in shared document libraries could not be added to VisualSP. By adding this content, and availing of the out-of-the-box viewers we ship with the product, organizations can be confident personnel will not have to leave the corporate computing environment to “Google” unfamiliar terms, or to find explanatory content about procedures. All of the required content can be curated for them and organized into a content set for exposure with the system.

We are confident the increased productivity our customers have enjoyed as the result of implementing our system will be consistent for this type of business-specific application. Further, organizations looking to reduce the amount of one on one training time otherwise required to teach personnel to perform new procedures can consider adding video training content to our system specifically designed to answer “how to” questions on business topics.

If you are considering a mission critical role for either SharePoint, on premises, or SharePoint Online, Office 365 and would like to learn more about the method described in this post, please contact us.

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