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If SharePoint Sites are not Used Then SharePoint Adoption by Users will not be Likely

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. has recently debuted a help system for SharePoint, VisualSP which adds a tab to the SharePoint 2010 Ribbon for Team Sites. The VisualSP help system provides users with direct access to a wide range of task-specific training content; for example, videos, documents, slide sets and images. With in-context access to training content for SharePoint readily available, organizations that have implemented VisualSP will have taken a step forward in their efforts to hasten SharePoint user adoption. After all, if users are not using SharePoint there is little likelihood that they will adopt it.

Our view on this topic is, apparently, shared by Microsoft®, itself. In the fourth article of its SharePoint Online Planning Guide for professionals and small businesses, Microsoft portrays a condition that will favorably benefit SharePoint user adoption efforts: “If people are able to use your SharePoint site and they understand the best practices that you want them to employ when they are using it, you can help ensure that your SharePoint deployment will be successful and easy to manage.” The key point here is ” . . . use [of] your SharePoint site . . . “. In other words, users need to use SharePoint for daily computing processes if they are to adopt the platform.

The consistency of our position with the position of Microsoft, itself, is further evidenced by the fact that the content provisioned to users, in-context, by VisualSP is, in fact, training content on ” . . . the best practices that you want [SharePoint users] to employ . . .” Our system is designed to serve an extensive set of content, which can and should include any/all common forms of custom contact that an organization may want to present to users. In addition to this organization-specific training content, we ship our set of 105 short video training classes, which our customers are free to expose to their users with our VisualSP help system as they see fit.

It cannot be overstated that inspiring users to avail of SharePoint for their daily work procedures must be predicated on a SharePoint implementation that has been designed to provide users with everything they require to successfully complete daily tasks with SharePoint. Training content should certainly be part of this set of essential components.

If you understand the importance of building a “sticky” SharePoint, meaning a comfortable work space within which users can perform as much of their daily work as possible, then you should seriously consider including VisualSP in the feature set for your SharePoint 2010 sites.

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