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An added benefit of deciding to purchase VisualSP, the help system for SharePoint

VisualSP, the help system for SharePoint, includes an in-context access method for SharePoint end users to consume training content uniquely useful on demand. The best example of this type of technical training content are short video tutorials. The combination of these two features has been shown to deliver high value benefits: SharePoint end users can actually start to manage themselves, which rewards them for their efforts to process computing tasks in a SharePoint computing environment. An added benefit is a reduction in support demand.

But what about training for the personnel responsible for supporting these SharePoint end users? Can a decision to purchase VisualSP help an organization meet this need? Research has also shown SharePoint professionals, including SharePoint administrators, developers, designers and architects benefit most from a different kind of training experience. This class of SharePoint user benefits most from an immersive training experience, which is usually handled by providing staff with either an onsite, in person training course with a subject matter expert, or sending the team to a training school for classes lasting a few days. Either of these options can be costly, with the average bill for an in-person training course in the vicinity of $2,500.00 per attendee (not including travel costs).

So we are pleased to announce a new feature of our VisualSP help system. Any VisualSP customer who has also opted to purchase our annual maintenance plan, will also receive an annual subscription to all of the content on SharePoint-Videos.com for a designated administrator, at no additional charge.

Our site subscribers enjoy an online, immersive training experience. The set of contents on our site exceeds 900 video tutorials exclusively on topics directly related to SharePoint computing. Therefore, a subscription like the one just mentioned, can provide a worthy complement to an in-person training class. In some case, a subscription to our site can even suffice, without the need to add an in-person training course.

Please note: this subscription includes log in credentials for one customer contact. But there is no reason why the credentials can’t be passed around a team of SharePoint professionals within an organization to ensure each member of the team gains the right understanding of an important, targeted SharePoint technology. Please contact us if you would like further information on this new feature of VisualSP ownership.

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