Electronic Forms Designers May Want to Use Access 2013 to Create Forms for SharePoint Server 2013

Darvish Shadravan, our course instructor for our set of video tutorials on the methods available to electronic forms designers for designing forms for SharePoint Server 2013 claims Access 2013 is now the best method available for using no code development techniques to successfully deliver on forms creation objectives. Certainly this is a big change from SharePoint Server 2007 and 2010. For both of these computing enivronments, InfoPath was the best choice available this task. But Darvish makes his claim in a video tutorial titled “SharePoint and Access 2013”, which is included in out video tutorial set, SharePoint 2013: Enterprise Forms…
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SharePoint 2013 Workflows and Web Services

As Chris Beckett notes at the start of a 19 min video tutorial titled Calling Web Services – lecture, ” . . . one of the more powerful new features of SharePoint 2013 workflow, but probably also one of the most technically complex, [is web services]”. The complexity of this feature can constitute a formidable obstacle to implementing it, successfully. So this tutorial provides the background SharePoint 2013 administrators and developers require to understand web services within the context of workflow development. Chris Becket explains ” . . . web services allow us to contact remote servers and pull back…
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App Step Workflows for SharePoint Server 2013

In a video tutorial titled Intro to Workflow types, models, stages and app step usage scenarios, Chris Beckett, subject matter expert and published author on the topic of workflows in a SharePoint Server computing environment, presents the concept of App Step Workflows for SharePoint Server 2013. Apps are a new method, introduced with SharePoint Server 2013 and Microsoft Office 2013, of packaging software processes for use with SharePoint Server 2013 and other components of the Office computing suite. “Steps” were introduced with SharePoint Server 2010 as the key component of a sequentially architected workflow engine. SharePoint Server 2013 does ship…
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More on the Differences Between Workflow Options in SharePoint Server 2013 and 2010

The workflow component of SharePoint Server 2013 incorporates some substantial changes from its 2010 predecessor. These changes impact on all three broad types of workflows: List Reusable and Site the effect of these changes is to render the workflow component much more powerful than was the case for previous versions of SharePoint Server. In a video tutorial titled

What’s Different About Workflows in SharePoint Server 2013?

Organizations with a serious commitment to building workflows on SharePoint server will need to know how the 2013 version of this server differs from SharePoint Server 2010. One of the most important areas to explore before making a decision about whether or not it makes sense to migrate from 2010 to SharePoint Server 2013, are the out of the box workflow features of the platform. In a video tutorial included in our set on SharePoint 2013: Workflows,