What are the mandatory requirements organizations must meet to support hybrid computing scenarios built with SharePoint 2013, on-premises, and Office 365?

So what are the mission-critical components of an acceptable foundation for a hybrid scenario for SharePoint 2013 on-premises computing, and Office 365? Paolo Pialorsi presents 6 of these in a webcast recorded at Microsoft’s TechEd Europe 2014 event, which was held in October, 2014 (the title of Pialorsi’s presentation is Overview of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 Hybrid Scenarios): “Directory Federation via ADFS and Azure AD Sync “Internet routable AD domains” “SSL certificates and secured communication channels” “Good bandwidth and Internet connectivity” “Office 365 Enterprise Subscriptions” “SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise on-premises The fifth and sixth components are obvious. The…
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The objective for a hybrid cloud computing solution should be to bring on-premises and cloud computing together

Early into a one hour presentation on hybrid computing scenarios for SharePoint 2013 on-premises, and Office 365, Paolo Pialorsi states an objective most organizations will likely implement when they embark on a hybrid cloud computing project — to build an integrated computing solution from cloud and on-premises components. The title of Pialorsi’s presentation is Overview of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 Hybrid Scenarios. He points to two prime areas where hybrid computing scenarios will likely make sense: enterprise search, and any services built with Business Connectivity Services (BCS). The latter usually pop up for organizations needing to pull external…
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Some limitations on building dynamic diagrams with Visio Services for SharePoint 2013 on-premises and SharePoint Online, Office 365 should be kept in mind

This a second and final post on a webcast published on Microsoft’s Channel 9 web site titled Interactive Visual Dashboard Solutions with Visio Services. There are some important caveats about using Visio Services to produce data visualizations like the “interactive dashboards” Ian White presents in this presentation. Data sources are limited. Visio Service currently provides no support as of yet for OData, so linking to external data from sources like MySQL, or other non SQL Server databases otherwise accessible via the OData protocol unfortunately won’t work. As well, Data linking is only available with Visio Professional, (available online as Visio…
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SharePoint-Videos will host a webinar on hybrid, online, or on-premises SharePoint server options on November 19, 2014

As Satya Nadella made clear during Microsoft’s most recent quarterly earnings report, a strong driver of the success of Microsoft’s Azure and Office 365 products is the unique position of servers for Microsoft’s ubiquitous enterprise applications (not the least of which is SharePoint) at the so-called “edge” of the cloud, meaning on-premises. But how can business and organizations in the public and not-for-profit sectors get the most value out of the opportunities presented by the choices they have as regards serving SharePoint? On November 19, 2014, SharePoint-Videos will host a one hour webinar on this topic. The webinar is titled…
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Just how does Power BI bolt together with Office 365?

In a webcast titled Power BI for Office 365 Overview, Michael Tejedor, a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft provided his audience with some information about this data analytics tool, including: design features for business analysts a demonstration of likely benefits for organizations implementing Power BI today and a preview of new features to be added, along with a debut of Microsoft’s new web site:

Microsoft Project Pro is now available as an Office 365 subscription based client tool

This a third and final post to this blog on the first of several webcasts published from presentations held at Microsoft’s Tech Ed Europe 2014 event, which was held in late October 2014. The ultimate method of managing projects, per Raphael Ax and Alexandra Ciortea, two Microsoft Field Engineers leading this presentation, is to use Microsoft Project Pro. As of 2014, Ciortea explains, this tool is available as an add on subscription to Office 365. Ciortea notes an advantage of using Project Pro via Office 365 is ensuring clients are up to date on any updates to the application. With…
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Migrating project records out of Excel spreadsheets and into SharePoint 2013 is a good first step towards efficient project management

The schedule of presentations for Microsoft’s Tech Ed Europe 2014 event included a number of Microsoft Project Pro and Office 365. Raphael Ax and Alexandra Ciortea, two Field Engineers for Microsoft EMEA led the first of these, which is titled Efficient Planning, Reporting and Decision Making with Microsoft Project Pro for Office 365. Early in the presentation Ax points to SharePoint 2013 as a good method of moving a project management methodology forward for a typical organization. With a simple copy and paste procedure, Ax demonstrates how to migrate the key data from an Excel spreadsheet into a SharePoint Tasks…
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Microsoft Project Pro for Office 365 is presented at Tech Ed Europe 2014

The voluminous set of webcasts published from Microsoft’s Tech Ed Europe 2014 event includes a number on Microsoft Project and Office 365. So Office 365 stakeholders with an interest in tying together a project management platform like Microsoft Project with Office 365 will probably want to spend sometime sampling the content. One of the webcasts, the chronological first of the series on Project, titled Efficient Planning, Reporting and Decision Making with Microsoft Project Pro for Office 365 is led by Raphael Ax and Alexandra Ciortea, two field engineers at Microsoft EMEA. Alexandra Ciortea is based in Romania. SharePoint-Videos has released…
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Microsoft pushes hybrid cloud computing into the sweet spot for cloud PaaS solutions

If Microsoft’s Q1 2015 earnings report can be taken as a reliable measure of where it makes sense for them to allocate resources and focus, hybrid cloud computing is now in the limelight. SharePoint on premises and SharePoint Online, Office 365 are great examples of this concept at work. Earlier this week this writer published some comments on Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO’s comments on the earnings report, specifically how he chose to answer an opening question posed by one analyst covering Microsoft. The analyst asked a big one, why Microsoft is benefitting better from Cloud, IaaS and PaaS than its…
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Windows Developers can now use Office 365 REST based APIs to build the platform into their solutions

Windows application developers (working with Visual Studio as their IDE) can now build Microsoft Office 365 into their apps, and even solutions via . At TechEd Europe, Microsoft announced the availability of “REST based APIs” for Windows developers interested in building Office 365 into solutions and apps. SDKs for iOS, and a renovated SDK for Android developers were also mentioned in the works. Readers interested in technical development of SharePoint, SharePoint Online, and Office 365 solutions and apps can learn more about these APIs by watching a set of videos on Microsoft’s Channel 9 on the topic, hosted by Jeremy…
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