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Short video recordings of computer operations provide users with a highly efficient SharePoint tutorial

Short video recordings of computer operations, including screen shots, human technical instruction captured via audio recording, and text transcripts of key points of software operation make for the most efficient SharePoint tutorial for users at all levels.

We offer a very broad set of precisely this type of video instruction for SharePoint from a set of now in excess of 370 video tutorials, any one of which can provide precisely the needed SharePoint tutorial to facilitate successful completion of required tasks.

When coupled with the unique features of recorded technical instruction:

  • Availability On Demand, whenever a requirement emerges for specific SharePoint technical operation, and
  • In-Context access, within the SharePoint workspace so that required instructions can be juxtaposed directly within the specific SharePoint environment

the combination of features implicit to video tutorials makes for an unbeatable offering certain to deliver very high value. Simply consider that empowering a SharePoint community with technical training in the form of video tutorials is certain to

  • Reduce human support requirements for popular needs easily addressed with short video tutorials
  • Empower users with the information they need to exploit the very rich and diverse feature set of SharePoint to deliver potentially mission-critial applications at a fraction of the cost that would otherwise be required for the acquisition of need-specifi proprietary applications

With substantial benefits at hand it makes total sense to expend the funds required to empower SharePoint users at global businesses and other large organizations. These funds actually work out to a very low cost per user when the community size exceeds 5K licensed SharePoint enterprise clients. In addition, these per user costs are a mere shadow of the comparable costs for in person training services for the same size community.

As well, and where it makes sense for global businesses to continue with in person training plans, access to video tutorials provides a perfect complement that is “ever ready” and effective as a method of reinforcing instruction.

If your SharePoint community is large then it ought to make sense to empower users with training to ensure maximum value from your acquisition of this ambidextrous software. We are knowledgeable on this subject. We would welcome an opportunity to demonstrate why video tutorial training for SharePoint makes total sense. Therefore if you would like to explore this topic at greater length, then we would welcome an opportunity to speak with you. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to discuss this topic at greater length.

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