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SharePoint Training is an Essential Component of Builds that Deliver High Return on Investment

We have noted some pundit “chatter” on the topic of the level of interest in purchasing SharePoint training on the part of global businesses and other large organizations that either use SharePoint or plan on using SharePoint over the next near term (meaning looking out 1-3 years). What we’re hearing is that the level of interest has gone down, and significantly so. We think that these predictions need to be placed into proper context. Further, once these predictions are properly framed, it will be apparent that nothing much has really changed; rather, the persistent nagging need for high return from precious dollars spent on technology implementation is really calling this tune and, we add, rightfully so.

A common theme of most of the posts on this blog has been to describe and characterize efforts that make sense to establish SharePoint as a mission critical application for global businesses and other large organizations. The fact is that mission critical business applications deliver very high value, which is typical of any essential process or feature of a business or organization’s core operations. Accordingly, there is little or no dispute about whether or not it makes sense to purchase technical training on mission critical technical operations. Typically it is impossible to capture the high returns promised by mission critical applications without technical training. Therefore, we think it’s safe to say that training is inseparable from an effective implementation of any mission critical technical process or business feature. Further, where a global business or other large organization is entirely convinced of the value, in dollars and cents, to be realized from a successful implementation of essential technology there will be no equivocation whatsoever about paying a fair price for training. After all, the dollars and cents savings to be realized from purchasing technology are almost always after all costs (including training) have been factored into the equation.

We think the real issue driving pundit chatter is the proportionately low number of technology purchases (inclusive of SharePoint technology) that manage to achieve mission critical status for the customer. The fact is that technology providers and their customers often fail to plan purchases around the tangible value that will be added to the business or organization via the inclusion of the new technology. Dollars and cents saved should always be the prime motivating factor for proceeding on a technology acquisition like SharePoint. Further the cost of training should be an integral part of the complete price proposal; after all, as we have noted above, training and the introduction of mission critical technology must be inseparable.

Rehmani Consulting Inc is committed to empowering global businesses and large organizations, as well as individuals and smaller groups with the SharePoint training they need to plan, build and implement mission critical applications. We offer a rich range of methods of purchasing video training on SharePoint from us, all the way from individual to corporate subscriptions. If you would like to hear more about how our video training can be offered within your SharePoint plan, then please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate with suggestions and tips for including a video training component in your SharePoint plan that will provide the training that your organization should have to effectively deploy SharePoint within a hybrid combination of on site data and off site processing.

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