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SharePoint ISVs Should Consider Provisioning an In-Context Help System to Ensure Optimum Customer Retention of System Benefits

SharePoint ISVs — software developers with systems that require SharePoint to operate — stand to benefit by including a help system like VisualSP from Rehmani Consulting, Inc. in their offer to customers.

Of course, customers rarely derive value from systems that elude the user. We, ourselves, spoke at some length several months ago with a Microsoft® Managed Partner with a complex system who voiced his concern that users were not able to capture the true value of his application as the result of a lack of training. Further, this managed partner recognized the value implicit to video training. Finally, he affirmed that it would make complete sense, for his purposes, to develop custom video training content for his application to ensure that users, truly, captured the benefits implicit to his system.

With a help system like VisualSP, the usefulness of the custom training content that Managed Partners inevitably end up providing to customers becomes that much more useful. We think that when training content is used, then benefits, inevitably, result for customers who participate in the process. It makes complete sense for SharePoint ISVs, then, to seriously consider including a help system like ours in their offers to their customers.

We further think it likely that customers, themselves, will look for this type of added benefit from these same ISVs. By opting to include a system like ours, ISVs can save the otherwise considerable expense that would be required to develop a comparable in-context, task-specific content access system native to SharePoint 2010. It rarely, if ever, makes sense to build a system that merely replicates the functionality of an existing system. Best practices usually point to an acquisition, as a better strategy. Acquiring existing technology is that much more compelling when an opportunity exists to re label the technology, which is entirely feasible with our system.

We are confident that most SharePoint ISVs will understand that the strategy we have just described makes sense. Further, we think these same ISVs will appreciate why a system like ours is absolutely mandatory where a customer is looking for optimum benefits from a system purchase. Better to provide a help system than to have to retrofit something similar, after the fact.

We welcome opportunities to discuss this topic directly with ISVs. Please feel free to telephone us to further a discussion at +1 630-673-2929. You can also send us a message via our Contact Us Page.

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