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Practical Applications for SharePoint Designer 2010

Controversy clouds SharePoint Designer 2010. Some IT organizations have prohibited the use of this tool. Earlier versions of this tool (from 2003) were built entirely from Microsoft FrontPage’s web page editor which, admittedly, was not written to conform with common web standards. When these earlier versions were utilized to empower SharePoint users not familiar with web page creation to create and/or edit web pages, the effects could be disastrous. Web sites were broken. Designs were ruined. Therefore, IT organization prohibition of older versions of SharePoint Designer made perfect sense.

However, SharePoint Designer 2010 has been substantially rewritten to better conform with web page best practices. Applications of the latest version of this tool no longer result in broken sites. Further, SharePoint Designer 2010 includes functionality (for workflow and dataview web parts) that permits Gartner’s “citizen developers” to develop codeless applications. We think this last feature is particularly useful. In sum, as long as the use of SharePoint Designer 2010 is restricted to the “right” group of users, meaning SharePoint Administrators, Architects and Developers (with End Users and Site Owners excluded), then we think this tool is worth serious consideration. Further, we strongly advocate managed use of this tool within SharePoint Server 2010 environments. You can use this tool to build applications ontop of SharePoint. This capability can prove to be highly valuable to organizations who perceive an ability to implement SharePoint for specific funtionality and have the forethought to require development to be effected codelessly, entirely within the context of the capabilities of SharePoint Designer 2010.

A full listing of the video tutorial courses on SharePoint Designer 2010 offered on our SharePoint-Videos website is available on our SP201 – SharePoint Designer 2010: Create No-Code Solutions web page. As we have mentioned all of this tutorial content is available on a DVD entirely dedicated to SharePoint Designer 2010 training. For single use, this DVD is available at a cost of $195.00. For a group of users, an enterprise license for this DVD is available at a cost of $1995.00. Considerable cost savings can be realized through purchased of either license. For example, if a development team for an enterprise business includes 40 individuals who are located at some distance from one another, but connected via a corporate Intranet and SharePoint Server 2010, then an average cost of a mere $49.85 per participant will be required to outfit this group with all of the practical, technique rich training they need to exploit the capabilities of SharePoint Designer 2010 safely and effectively.

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