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Once a Governance Plan has been Established for SharePoint 2010, then Methods of Training Users should be Implemented

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. has debuted VisualSP, which is a help system for SharePoint 2010 designed to complement a governance plan for an implementation with a suitable method of provisioning training resources to users as they strive to successfully perform required computer procedures.

We think that governance plans for SharePoint must be constructed to speak to elements (including implementation objectives, the related rationale, and, finally, the groups within an organization that have accepted the responsibility of ensuring the successful attainment of these objectives) highly specific to particular organizations, if they are to prove to be useful. Simply providing boiler plate about governance, without specifics upon which actions can be taken, as required, will not prove to be successful.

For example, providing a rationale for SharePoint 2010 that amounts to an objective to build a “document repository” most often proves to be little more than an item on a wish list. Rather, a viable governance plan for SharePoint must be created as a preliminary step for an implementation plan. This imperative makes sense where an organization has reached a consensus that a realistic and compelling objective for an implementation is to expose important, organizational-specific information, to all groups. The method of successfully exposing the information in this manner will be to move documents presently located in file shares and email boxes (as file attachments) to SharePoint document libraries. Each of the specific steps need to be formally recorded in the governance plan.

The importance of governance may be understood through the presentation of a simplistic scenario. In fact, it may be the case for an organization that valuable sales opportunities were lost, in the past, as the direct result of using file shares as the repository of customer and sales prospect specific information. Taking this example a bit further, as the result of these lost opportunities, a specific line of business (LOB) unit will assume the responsibility of ensuring that all of the documents they produce are stored in document libraries, and, further, that formal check in and check out procedures, etc are established for each and every document stored in this manner. The plan calls for users strictly adhering to a set of procedures that will be documented by corporate IT.

In this scenario we have demonstrated how a governance plan that has been specifically crafted to address the realities of a unique organization constitutes a far more meaningful basis for planning an implementation for SharePoint 2010 than would be the case otherwise. Once a specific objective has been formally documented for an organization through a governance plan, then the specific steps required to deliver the intended capability can be planned.

In the next post to this blog we will discuss how best to provision training resources to administrative and to regular end users in this same scenario.

Rehmani Consulting, Inc is actively interested in opportunities to contribute to training solutions for organizations looking to ensure the success of SharePoint users.

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