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Learn InfoPath 2010 with Video Tutorials from SharePoint-Videos

We recently attended SHARE Atlanta, 2012. During the conference we met with several attendees who let us know the importance of InfoPath 2010 for their organizations. In a nutshell, InfoPath 2010 enabled each of the organizations represented by these attendees to rapidly develop working forms for a very large set of requirements. Many of these attendees represented United States Federal, State and Local government agencies, where something of an insatiable need for forms is an ever present reality. One of these attendees even ventured to state that InfoPath 2010 may sound the death knell, in the near future, for Visual Studio as the primary method of developing forms.

Of course, when SharePoint Server 2010, Enterprise Edition is factored into the solution for forms creation, a potential is at hand to create forms, as required, at a comparatively low cost. Simply consider that forms can be built, point and click, with InfoPath 2010. Further, trained SharePoint Administrators, Site Collection Administrators, Developers & Architects (not to mention Gartner’s “Citizen Developers” from End Users) certainly have many of the skills required to produce highly useful forms with InfoPath 2010. Finally, with Excel and Access services enabled for SharePoint, the process of moving data from forms and into the back end for analysis, business intelligence (BI), etc becomes that much easier a task.

SharePoint-Videos offers a video tutorial set on InfoPath 2010. Our training content on this Microsoft tool is comprehensive, including tutorials on building rules into InfoPath 2010 forms (for example, to make completion of specific areas of the form mandatory, as well as to auto populate other areas of the form with current date and time information, etc) as well as a tutorial on utilizing cascading drop down boxes in forms (to handle the need, for example, to include city/state/country and mail code information with data submitted via a form.

We are confident that the points we cover with our training content for InfoPath 2010 will satisfy most, if not all of the requirements for outfitting SharePoint 2010 users with the information they require to expeditiously build and implement forms. When combined with our unique training content on SharePoint Access Services, Reporting Services and Project Management with SharePoint Server 2010 a very unique and comprehensive set of training content is at hand to empower most any organization of SharePoint users with lots of tools to deliver applications, with SharePoint that will should lead to cost savings in the areas of development, support and management for SharePoint for the enterprise.

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