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Implementing an Integrated Training Solution for All SharePoint Users Within a Large Organization makes sense

Our takeaway from the SHARE 2012 Conference is that an integrated training solution is a building block of any promising plan to hasten user adoption of SharePoint within large groups of users in the public as well as in the private sectors. Having sat through 7 or 8 conference discussions on a variety of subjects the one constant that we can note with confidence is that serious attempts to build important features with SharePoint Server 2010 like enterprise search must be accompanied with training:

  • Users must be trained to implement metadata tagging as an ongoing activity
  • System Architects should be trained to incorporate discrete content types, with content type specific tags, etc for SharePoint implementations
  • SharePoint Administrators and Site Collection Administrators should be trained in the where/why/who and how of Term Store management

Further, a sound SharePoint implementation plan ought to include in person training, coaching, hard copy training materials and video training content to ensure a high probability of success.

Keeping a “training imperative” in mind as proposals for implementing SharePoint are considered will help to separate well thought through ideas from simple notions (harbingers of a “wild wild west” built on SharePoint that may loom just around the corner). As any seasoned SharePoint project manager is aware, migrating a computing environment into a “wild wild west” built on SharePoint is not only a waste of time, but, worse yet, quite dangerous. Therefore, proposals that do not include a training component should be avoided. Typically, these proposals will also neglect to include a clear governance policy (which ought to be framed around a business objective, or a set of business objectives for SharePoint). In sum, these proposals exhibit several of the typical earmarks of project failure.

Rehmani Consulting Inc has framed an integrated training solution for SharePoint Server 2010. Our solution incorporates all of the features noted above, with the exception of print training content. The perfect time to discuss training is coincidental with planning a SharePoint Server 2010 implementation, either from the ground up, or via a migration from an earlier version of SharePoint. Retrofitting a training component post implementation can certainly work, but launching with a comprehensive training solution in place makes better sense.

You may reach us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about our video training content.

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