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Enterprise IT Organizations Using Microsoft’s BI Platform should Equip LOB Users with Training Content through SharePoint

Our video training content set, Reporting Services Using SharePoint 2010 and Report Builder 3.0 is available either for single user viewing, or unlimited enterprise-wide viewing. At a one time cost of $1995.00, we think that enterprises with a complex commitment to the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform (which includes SQL Server 2008 R2, or SQL Server 2012) should seriously consider purchasing our content with the unlimited, enterprise-wide viewing privileges.

Examples of enterprise businesses that meet this qualification of having a substantial — and complex — need for BI information, along with a commitment, enterprise wide, to Microsoft’s BI paradigm (along with a commitment to utilize SharePoint 2010 as an Internet, Intranet or Extranet computing platform), include any enterprise where line of business (LOB) units have been constructed to manage different categories of products, ostensibly for different markets. It is likely that various LOBs will have needs for BI information; for example, balanced scorecards, dashboards and/or tracking procedures for progress against key performance indicators (KPIs).

In essence, all of these BI procedures will make use of the same set of tools and procedures. Therefore, our set of training content can deliver valuable information across the whole range of users within this type of enterprise business. Further, by exposing technical training content like our set on Reporting Services for SharePoint 2010 (which provides instruction on how to use “no-code” workflows, with SharePoint Designer 2010, to architect and even build automated procedures) to power users and/or what Gartner, Inc refers to as “Citizen Developers” there is a better chance that the automated processes that will be built will better service LOB requirements. In fact, there are few users within an enterprise business better equipped than these power users and/or Citizen Developers to plan, implement and then operate automated procedures for BI purposes. Therefore, it will likely make sense for enterprise IT organizations to endorse implementation of this type of training content.

It is also worth noting that the cost of $1995.00, when spread over a large organization with more than 100 users who can benefit from unlimited access to this training content, represents a very low cost method (a mere $19.95 per user) of training teams to successfully use these tools. We are hard pressed to point to a lower cost method of providing users with training content on this topic. Enterprise organizations will likely recoup the cost of acquiring our content in one month or less. Therefore, it makes sense for enterprises with many needs for SQL Reporting Services 2008 R2, within a SharePoint computing environment, to consider purchasing our content.

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