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Working with the Forms Designer in Access 2013

We include a video tutorial demonstration of how to use the Access 2013 Forms Designer, Building an Access 2013 Form App to build an electronic form (actually an App) for exposure via SharePoint Server 2013. This video tutorial is authored by Darvish Shadravan, a technical specialist and published author. The tutorial is included in our set of video tutorials, “SharePoint 2013: Electronic Forms”. The complete set of training content is available for unlimited viewing by anyone with a subscription to SharePoint-Videos.com. The set can also be purchased for individual or group viewing. Please contact us to learn more about purchase options for groups of users in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.

As Darvish notes, the easiest way to work productively with the .app file provided to attendees of his online course is to publish the electronic form as a .app item to SharePoint Server 2013. Once the form has been stored in SharePoint, a click on the gear icon provides the user with a clickable option to open the data in Access 2013. By opting for this method, it’s actually easier to get right to the form to work productively than simply starting from scratch in Access 2013.

By adhering to this method, and mentoring end users to use the same approach, administrators can successfully empower otherwise untrained end users to work with electronic forms in the Forms Designer and simply “point and click” to publish the data to SharePoint Server 2013. This is the recommended approach where SharePoint adoption is a critically important objective, and business units can contribute substantially to the success of the overall effort by building electronic forms for online processing of their unique daily computing tasks.

Further, the fields these same end users opt to include in their electronic forms will automatically be converted into the columns for SQL tables once the form has been published to the server. Of course, this process will free up administrators to allocate time to more pressing needs.

Ira Michael Blonder

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