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Use Workflows to Migrate Automated Processes Into SharePoint

SharePoint stakeholders require high levels of user adoption to achieve meaningful return on investment. Building workflows to migrate business processes into a SharePoint computing environment is a valuable method of achieving this goal. When expense reporting, document archiving, team calendar maintenance, and other day to day business procedures are all dispatched within SharePoint, the task of collecting useful business intelligence about daily procedures, operating costs, etc. is simplified and more productive.

In a video tutorial titled Creating a Workflow on a List Using SharePoint Designer 2010, Asif Rehmani, SharePoint MVP and MCT demonstrates how to use the approval workflow included, out of the box, with SharePoint 2010 to process expense reporting and reimbursement.

In less than 20 minutes SharePoint administrators, developers, designers and architects, along with power users from Line of Business (LoB) units can watch this tutorial and proceed to produce their own workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010 for a SharePoint 2010 computing environment. If, for no other reason than simplicity, organizations decide to use SharePoint Designer 2010 as the preferred method for building workflows for LoBs, the decision will be a sensible one to make.

As Asif notes at the start of this video, he will ” . . . be explaining the workflow designer environment and how you can take advantage of it to its fullest capability.” (quoted from a video tutorial, ‘Creating a Workflow on a List Using SharePoint Designer 2010’, authored by Asif Rehmani. We’ve provided a link this video earlier in this blog post). Teams tasked with coming up to speed quickly on SharePoint Designer 2010 for the purpose of learning how to produce workflows should make a point of watching this specific video.

The workflow demonstrated in this video provides a means of notifying members of a team whenever specific events are added to a team calendar. This type of workflow can also add substantial value to team collaboration efforts and even efforts to breakdown LoB silos within an organization.

If your organization needs to gain a better perspective about SharePoint features, please contact us we’d like to learn more about your objective.

Ira Michael Blonder

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