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No-Code Solutions are an Important, Value-Packed Reason to Implement SharePoint

Bolt-on systems development, otherwise known as “no-code” solutions, are an important reason to implement SharePoint. Perhaps no other method of application development offers as rich an opportunity for Line of Business (LoB) users to participate, directly, in the development of computing solutions to satisfy their unique needs.

SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, and Online can all support the development and the implementation of these solutions. On February 20, 2014, Asif Rehmani and Mark Gillis of Microsoft will offer a free no-code solutions webinar.

Let’s take a moment to look further at why it’s important for LoBs to play a role, whenever possible, in the development of computing solutions for their specific needs:

Contrary to popular organizational design tenets, internal silos within large communities of computing consumers are not always a bad thing. There can be instances where silos represent the best way to structure departments. It may not make sense to expose loan borrower data across all of the departments in a bank. Perhaps this type of data should be kept entirely within the data repositories of either consumer or corporate lending.

But how does enterprise IT empower consumer, and/or corporate lending to build their own systems to extract useful BI from these databases? If SharePoint has been implemented, then these LoBs can use SharePoint Designer along with Visio on the desktop to self manage, and build their own no-code solutions for the task.

We offer a very rich set of video training content on this topic. Asif Rehmani is a widely acknowledged subject matter expert on no-code development. So this free course may provide a perfect opportunity for an organization to start implementing this type of approach.

Another very important benefit associated with opting for no-code development approaches is the comparatively lower cost of this type of systems development effort. Outside consultants may not be required to build these systems when internal staff can be trained to get the work done.

If your organization has been considering an active program to push more systems development through no-code methods, please let us know.

Ira Michael Blonder

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