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Building Globally Reusable Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010

Organizations opting for globally reusable workflows in a SharePoint Server 2010 computing environment can reduce the cost of systems development by eliminating the chance of duplication of effort. It’s a lot less costly to simply inform parallel organizations of workflow availability than to produce the same process several times.

A video tutorial on this topic, Publishing globally reusable Workflows shows SharePoint administrators, developers, designers and even power users authorized to use SharePoint Designer 2010 how to produce these workflows.

Asif Rehmani, SharePoint MVP and MCT instructs the viewer to build the globally reusable workflow at the top level of a site collection. From there, any sub site in the site collection can use the same workflow, as required. SharePoint users with administrator privileges at the top level of the site collection will have the required permissions to build this type of workflow.

The steps included in this video tutorial also work correctly with SharePoint Designer 2013.

To build this type of workflow, SharePoint administrators should use SharePoint Designer 2010 to open the top level site collection for a farm. Once this site collection has been selected, click on the button on the “site objects” quick launch for “workflow”. Once the workflow ribbon comes up, click on “reusable workflow”. When the dialog box comes up, provide a name and description for your workflow. Select the type of content with which you intend your workflow to work. In the case of SharePoint Designer 2013, you will also need to select “platform type”, either “SharePoint 2013 workflow” or “SharePoint 2010 workflow”.

Once you’ve built your workflow, you will publish it not to the site, but to the site collection. Once the workflow is published to the site collection (and the site collection, to reiterate is the top site collection for a farm), then it is globally reusable. The same publishing options are available with SharePoint Designer 2013.

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