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When SharePoint users need support, on demand, an in-context access system to video tutorials, and more, is the best solution

Perhaps an optimum method of helping users grow fonder of SharePoint computing can be found by equipping them with an easy to use support feature directly within the SharePoint computing environment, itself. Taking this step with a solution such as VisualSP makes sense for a couple of reasons:

  1. With help readily available within the SharePoint computing environment, users will be more likely to continue to use SharePoint features. So this type of in-context access system makes SharePoint computing “stickier”, thereby increasing the likelihood users will become familiar (and more comfortable) with computing “the SharePoint way”
  2. The in-context access system can be outfitted with organization-specific information. So SharePoint stakeholders can gain the confidence their community of SharePoint users will implement the correct method of successfully performing tasks in SharePoint. This condition should facilitate the creation of a governance plan for SharePoint, which, in turn, will add to the value of the implementation itself

A “stickier” SharePoint, which is the first of our reasons, should also support a more substantial return on investment in an overall implementation plan for SharePoint. Surveys of larger organizations using SharePoint often point to low levels of utilization of the platform by end users. In other words, active SharePoint users have been reported to spend a very limited amount of time on the platform. So they require a regular method of re-educating themselves as to how to successfully accomplish the tasks they need to complete on the platform. Adding an in-context access method to the support these users require keeps them using the platform longer. Exposing short video tutorials to them, which is what a system like VisualSP does, ensures they will get the refresher training they will require, on demand.

Providing a foundation for a governance plan for SharePoint is certainly a preferred method of building the likelihood of a meaningful return on an investment in the platform in the first place. An in-context access system should include the kind of management controls we have built into VisualSP. These controls can be used to expose organization-specific information directly to users via the in-context access system. So management can have more confidence tasks will be correctly performed. Everybody ends up winning.

If you would like to learn more about how an in-context access method can be used to bolster the likelihood of SharePoint adoption by your community of users, please contact us. We are eager to hear from you.

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