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What are the Optimum SharePoint Video Tutorials for Beginners?

SharePoint includes a very wide range of capabilities, all the way from serving as a group or enterprise collaboration platform, to enterprise content management, to document management and beyond. Therefore, it is next to impossible to propose an “optimum” application for SharePoint.

Further, what constitutes a SharePoint “beginner”? The various users of SharePoint all fall into familiar levels of maturity, from beginner to expert. But these users range from end users/readers/sub site owners to architects, developers and SharePoint Administrators. In fact there are beginners of all types.

Given the complexity of this software product and the diversity of its user community, how would one approach providing video tutorial training for beginners of all types? Rehmani Consulting Inc assumes that “beginners” most often refer to end users/readers/sub site owners who equate “beginner” with themselves, meaning SharePoint users who haven’t the time (or likely the interest in SharePoint) to progress much further than learning to correctly apply specific procedures with mouse & keyboard to file documents in libraries, set up wikis, etc. With this thought in mind our SharePoint Tutorials for Beginners include must have video instruction on fundamental, day-to-day procedures typical of most any SharePoint implementation.

This collection of 105 video tutorials is designed to deliver video training in the most palatable and effective form for our intended audience–short videos, none of which exceed an approximate length of 2 minutes each. We think that the length of these videos is perfect to retain audience attention along with knowledge retention. Therefore, our bet is that our SP101 and SP102 training curricula constitute, truly, the best possible arrangement of video tutorials on SharePoint for a beginner’s audience.

Our technical demonstrations convey key procedures for common operation of SharePoint, regardless of application. With regard to working with lists in SharePoint the procedures we demonstrate include:

  • Working with Quick Launch bar
  • Creating a list Item
  • Editing an item in a list
  • Deleting items from a list
  • Restoring items from Recycle Bin
  • Subscribing to RSS feeds of lists
  • Creating an Issues list
  • Creating a Contacts list
  • Creating a Custom list
  • Connect the Contacts list to Outlook
  • Creating a Discussion Board
  • Creating a list by importing a spreadsheet
  • Creating a Links list
  • Creating a Project Tasks list
  • Creating a Status list
  • Creating a Calendar list
  • Overlaying multiple calendars
  • Creating an Announcements list
  • Viewing all site content

We are confident that most anyone searching for core SharePoint operations relative to lists would be more than satisfied with these topics.

If you are after a comprehensive video training component for “beginners” for your global businesses or large organization, please give us a shout. We will be happy to show you why the features of video tutorials for SharePoint make them a “must have” component of training plans. You may either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate.

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