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Using InfoPath 2010 to Customize Standard Forms for SharePoint Online Enterprise Edition Lists Encourages User Adoption

InfoPath 2010 can be used with SharePoint Online Enterprise Edition to customize core forms for creating SharePoint lists. This type of application of InfoPath 2010 makes lots of sense for organizations committed to SharePoint Online who need to hasten end user adoption of the computing platform. List forms put together with program logic that includes conditional actions based upon rules can support faster processing of repetitive work over SharePoint online by end users. Of course, with repetitive work completed in less time and proportionately less human effort, end users should be more accepting of SharePoint.

We reviewed one of our video tutorials within our series on InfoPath 2010, “Create a SharePoint List Form Using InfoPath” and found it completely compatible with our Office365 E3 plan SharePoint site. What we specifically liked about this tutorial was the choice of topic. Training developers, admins, power users, citizen developers and architects on the type of simple procedure depicted in this video which, nevertheless, can be used with complete effectiveness to build organization-specific forms is the type of application for InfoPath 2010 that will benefit most any organization of end users of SharePoint Online. Of course a governance plan should already be in place that includes all of the forms required, by department, within an organization prior to using the techniques illustrated in this video to build custom forms.

Where an organization would like to acquire specific training on InfoPath 2010 for the type of application illustrated in this video, but does not require unlimited access to all of the content on SharePoint-Videos, purchasing an enterprise license for our video tutorial set on InfoPath 2010 makes the most sense. At a one time purchase price of $1995.00 an unlimited number of users within an organization can be trained on the same procedures — completed in the same manner — to ensure uniformity of no-code development at the organization. Once the right group of users (as we have specified throughout our review of these Infopath tutorials) are trained in these procedures, a lot of forms development can be accomplished at an organization without a substantial use of specialized development. In our experience (which we are comfortable is entirely consistent with Industry best practices) the maintenance cost for this type of no-code development is substantially less than hard-coded alternatives.

If your organization would like to become more familiar with other areas where InfoPath 2010 can be used to customize SharePoint, please do contact us. You can telephone us at (630) 786-7026, or contact us via email to further a discussion. Of course we are happy to speak about your overall SharePoint development plans, as well.

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