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Using Access Services with SharePoint Online

We offer a set of video tutorials on Access Services for SharePoint 2010 on DVD for either individual or enterprise use. All courses in this training set are also available for unlimited viewing to any individual or group of users with a valid subscription to our SharePoint-Videos dot com content. We reviewed the first video of this set, “Introduction to Access Services” for compatibility with our SharePoint Online E3 plan through Microsoft® Office 365.

While we successfully proceeded through each step provided in this introduction to Access Services, we need to note that the intended audience for this set of video tutorials should be SharePoint Administrators, Site Collection Administrators, Access Administrators or Developers and/or Architects. End users, even enthusiastic end users, may be challenged by some of the basic procedures included in this first tutorial. For example, we, ourselves, were hard pressed to locate a means of customizing the list of categories included, out of the box, with the web database template for projects in order to add a “Design” category so as to fully conform with the procedures that our course author, Bruce Herz, includes in this 8min video course. Finally, we did locate a rather small, square edit icon that appears on the right bottom corner of the drop down dialogue box when the “Category” menu is invoked with a mouse click. Once we found the edit capability, we added “Design” in a flash to the list of categories. But our tutorial simply does not include any instruction on this point.

Similarly, when the sample database is published to SharePoint Online, our tutorial does not mention that the navigation options for the main site will have to be manually edited to include the new sub site that Access 2010 will add to the Farm or else users will not successfully locate the sub site. We were somewhat challenged with regard to modifying the site wide navigation to include the new link but eventually succeeded by clicking on “Site Actions”, then “Site Settings” and then, below “Look and Feel”, “Top link bar” where we added a link for the new sub site.

We were pleased to see that the Access Database displayed properly with our test Linux system running Firefox, though we do need to note that clicks on the hot link for the database did not work.

With regard to the above notes, it is certainly well within the range of administrators and project managers who need to implement a concise training plan for Access Services for SharePoint Online (E3 plan or higher) to preface this training video with some short explanations that will help end users find their way through the training. With notes on the points we have noted this training video is an attractive option for groups that need to provide instruction on Access Services for enterprise computing. We certainly welcome any thoughts that you may have about this video, or on customizing a method of delivering this training for your users. Please contact us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about this offer. Of course we are happy to speak about your SharePoint development plans, as well.

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