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Microsoft publishes a pair of posts to the Office blog worth some review by SharePoint Online stakeholders

VisualSP Logo 250x80Perhaps one of the most useful features of lists and document libraries in SharePoint and SharePoint Online, Office 365 is the ease with which lists and libraries can serve as a centralized, managed storage option for important content. This capability is a big plus for organizations plagued with “too many storage options” syndrome. Most of the time the personnel within these organizations end up simply attaching important pieces of content to email messages. Once this trend sets in, the bright promise of enterprise content management (which can be an especially important capability for organizations in heavily regulated industries) quickly dims.

In terms of how OneDrive functions, it is fair to consider it as any other SharePoint Document library, which can be configured to support versioning, content indexing, metadata and more. So it may be helpful for the kind of organizations just mentioned (meaning Government agencies, educational institutions, financial firms, and more) to persuade their communities of users to adopt OneDrive as a better method of storing important information than email file attachments and the like.

On January 14, 2015, the Outlook team at Microsoft published an article titled Save your Outlook.com email attachments to OneDrive in one click which can make this job easier. Reading through the lines of the conversational prose of this post any SharePoint stakeholder will likely find the same solid arguments about why end users should abandon email file attachments and embrace document libraries and lists. Unfortunately most of the time these arguments fall on deaf ears, perhaps as a result of too technical a delivery for an otherwise non technical audience.

A link is included in this blog post to a short video, titled “Share from OneDrive”. This video is under a minute in length, and complete free of abstraction. So it should work well as an accompaniment to the post.

All of us at VisualSP look very favorably on this type of content. We think platform adoption for a solution like SharePoint is an essential prerequisite of any meaningful return on the investment. End users, in particular, need this type of content to maintain their enthusiasm as they grapple with learning the steps they need to take to be successful with SharePoint.

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