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If you have a stake in the success of a SharePoint implementation, then user adoption is still a big deal

A number of colleagues have lately spoken about a diminished importance for SharePoint user adoption as an activity worth pursuing. But I think any member in an organization with a stake in the success of an implementation of SharePoint has to be concerned with user adoption. Bottom line: if end users do not use SharePoint computing options, then almost any rationale for implementing the platform will likely fail. No on wants a potentially expensive project like an implementation of SharePoint to fail. So user adoption is likely to be a very important consideration for any stakeholder in SharePoint success.

We offer a set of scalable solutions for SharePoint training. Individuals can purchase a subscription to SharePoint-Videos.com. But visitors to our site may not be aware of the applicability of our products to the needs of SharePoint stakeholders working on methods of encouraging end users to adopt SharePoint computing.

VisualSP has been designed to help these stakeholders successfully attain their objectives. The most important design feature of our product for this application is the combination of an in-context, and on-demand solution for training SharePoint end users.

We think any system like ours, which is designed to help end users learn how to use SharePoint, in the most practical way they can, to accomplish their daily computing tasks needs, needs to be directly accessible within a SharePoint computing environment. We accomplish this point by offering end users access from the SharePoint ribbon itself.

End users also must have an ability to repeatedly review correct procedures, as often as they require, in order to successfully master tasks. The best way to expose this capability to end users is to provide them with a system of accessing the same training content on-demand. So if someone is responsible for adding documents to a SharePoint shared document library, and needs to establish permissions for team members to access the document, there is no better method we know of than to expose a training video on the topic, directly to users, from the ribbon controls for shared document libaries. VisualSP meets this requirement perfectly.

If you are a SharePoint stakeholder and understand the importance of user adoption for the success of your implementation plan, then you may want to take a look at our product. Please contact us to learn more.

Ira Michael Blonder

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