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Asif Rehmani to Present on No-Code SharePoint Solutions and SharePoint Adoption at SharePoint Fest-NY

We’ve devoted this blog, since January 1, 2014 to providing our readers with an ongoing series of examples of our notion of the broad value proposition for SharePoint stakeholders. This general overview of the benefits to communities of SharePoint users, inherent to a decision to implement specific SharePoint features, has been complemented with some specific examples of high value applications. Several posts have focused on the imperative of driving healthy levels of user adoption for SharePoint computing methods. So a pair of scheduled presentations by Asif Rehmani, for SharePoint Fest-NY, in June of this year provides a fitting complement for our online editorial content efforts.

Our effort to publish editorial content, via this blog, on these themes, and Asif Rehmani’s schedule of public presentations are designed to promote and support our line of training content and in-context, on demand training delivery solutions. Our VisualSP help system is the best example of a delivery method for training content optimized for SharePoint users across a wide range of skill levels. The in-context capabilities of this system can be found in the SharePoint ribbon tab our system creates. When SharePoint users are working with shared document libraries, or lists, the VisualSP help tab is always available to them. Simply clicking on “help” on the left hand side of the ribbon will expose context-relevant training content to the user directly within the scenario of SharePoint operation.

The “on demand” features of the system are to be found in the video tutorials, documents, screen shots, and more, which make up the content of the system. All of the content can be used whenever users have a need for it. All of the content can be re-used as often as users require. Our customers have let us know the value they’ve derived from these two important features of our help system.

But a very important point about VisualSP, and its features, is the value it brings to SharePoint adoption campaigns, or attempts to extract substantial benefits from SharePoint by exploiting no-code workflows as a method of producing custom applications for LoB needs, and more. Therefore, we encourage anyone who will be in the New York area during the dates when Asif Rehmani will present at SharePoint Fest-NY to attend.

If your organization would like to learn more about VisualSP, please contact us.

Ira Michael Blonder

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