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Useful Enterprise Search Hastens SharePoint® User Adoption

conceptSearching’s White Paper on SharePoint’s Term Store is a good example of the type of business case Microsoft Managed Partners for SharePoint® make to promote their add-on solutions. A quick read of this white paper exposes common themes. The rhetorical argument usually follows this route; “our add-on will:

  • Hasten SharePoint End User adoption, and
  • Enable a successful application of SharePoint within the enterprise to capture truly useful Business Intelligence (BI)
  • ,

For SharePoint customers of conceptSearching these benefits are delivered via a suite of products, including:

  • conceptClassifier for SharePoint
  • contentType Updater
  • conceptTaxonomy Manager and
  • conceptTaxonomy Workflow

Their target market amounts to very large enterprise business and government customers of SharePoint. The initial objective appears to be to convince prospects from heavily regulated industries–banking & finance, healthcare, energy, etc– to implement the conceptSearching suite of products.

The benefit to users? Very fast recognition of any/all compliance sensitive documents (enabled by contentType Updater which purports to “automatically change the SharePoint content type” based on meta data tags. Of course, for this automatic process to work the specific meta data tags need to be added to SharePoint). Further benefits include automatic recognition of document themes, referred to as “concepts” in the conceptSearching promotional material on their website, which should be particularly useful as compliance officers review and assimilate new documents to ensure that published information meets the objectives of the enterprise and conforms to guidance.

We note with particular interest that the conceptTaxonomy manager target user is “[a] Subject Matter Expert without the need for IT or Information Scientist expertise.” This Subject Matter Expert is no other than the Gartner “Citizen Developer” for whom we have crafted many of our technical tutorials at SharePoint-Videos.com. Therefore, we will be interested to see, over time, how conceptSearching’s suite of products penetrates the market.

Before completing this overview, we must mention the final component of conceptSearching’s product suite: conceptTaxonomyWorkflow, essentially a set of tools to automate governance activities for SharePoint Taxonomy. This tool should be particularly useful for those enterprises burdened with several repetitive activities with regards to document repositories; for example, with regard to migrations (for firms that have merged or otherwise reorganized silos), security reviews, etc. Once again, this component is intended for the use of the above mentioned Subject Matter Experts/Citizen Developers. Apparently the configuration is all menu driven without recourse to hard coding.

The conceptSearching product suite should be reviewed by any larger enterprise concerned with compliance for an existing SharePoint® farm.

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