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Use VisualSP, the Help System for SharePoint to Expose Training Content to a Wide Range of SharePoint Users

VisualSP, the Help System for SharePoint®, can be used to expose training content tailored for end users. But the system can also be used to expose specialized training content directly to teams of developers spread out across an organization. Using the VisualSP system in this way, Line of Business (LoB) units can be pulled into the SharePoint implementation.

Most heavily regulated businesses include a group tasked with ensuring the business complies with all of its regulatory reporting requirements. These compliance teams are usually granted a dedicated site collection in SharePoint implementations. The VisualSP Help System is installed for all site collections within a farm implementation. So the Compliance site collection will be enabled with our help system once it is installed.

VisualSP will service the needs of end users in the Compliance team with the video tutorials we ship with the product. But other sets of videos, like our video tutorial set on Records Management can also be exposed, from our ribbon system.

The Site Collection Administrator for the Compliance team site collection can add the training content set to our system, with a unique Scope. Once this content has been added, then permissions can be set to restrict access to the content to only a designated set of administrators, or developers for the Compliance team. End users will not see the content when they use our ribbon system to get the help they need.

The value, to a compliance team, of exposing the content, in this manner, to the developers and administrators for the team can be found in the unique in-context, and on-demand access the targeted SharePoint users will enjoy. The training content for the course will be exposed to them right where they need it, within the forms libraries and custom lists they will be creating so the rest of the organization can process the reports the Compliance team will require.

If you’d like to learn further about this application, or explore other opportunities of using our product in the manner I’ve presented in this post, please contact us.

Ira Michael Blonder

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