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Use Training to Obtain the Benefits of SharePoint 2010

SharePoint Server 2010 represents an enormous change from SharePoint Server 2007. For global businesses and other large organizations implementing SharePoint Server 2010, capturing the benefits that accompany this evolutionary step forward for SharePoint more than warrants allocating resources (financial, staff and time) on training to ensure the best possible return on investment. We are of the opinion that it makes sense to provide training for SharePoint 2010 to both end users/readers/sub site owners and SharePoint administrators, site collection administrators, developers and designers. We offer video tutorial curricula for each of these sets of users in a hybrid offering for global businesses and other organizations.

Our video tutorials for SharePoint 2010 Training include demonstrations of the important operations that end users, readers and sub site owners will have to perform. These SharePoint 2010 end user training curricula are provisioned to corporate users on a DVD. We recommend that the content of this DVD be added to the SharePoint Farm, by using a sub site as a content repository. Once the content is available within SharePoint, then these users (who generally lack a deep interest in SharePoint, but need to learn ‘how to” procedures) can access video tutorial training in-context and on demand, two compelling reasons to include video tutorials in any training plan for SharePoint 2010. Finally, this training content can be replayed as frequently as required, thus ensuring user retention at some point fo training content.

With regard to training for SharePoint administrators, etc. (typically 10% of the user community), it is best to offer this set of users access to all of the video training content on our SharePoint-Videos.com website. On site unlimited access to SharePoint-Videos is described in our presentation of SharePoint User Training.

The important points that need to be noted here with regard to our unlimited site access video tutorial training plans is that out of context training makes the most sense for this class of users (meaning administrators, developers, architects). These users have a substantially higher level commitment to SharePoint 2010 as a technology. As well, these users need to have access to related procedures (for example, for SharePoint Designer 2010 or InfoPath 2010) ad hoc; therefore unlimited site access makes the most sense for them

Our pricing, per user, for hybrid video training curricula for SharePoint 2010 amounts to literally a significant fraction of the cost of an individual subscription. Therefore, it behooves organizations looking for a comprehensive training solution to contact us to discuss interests in greater detail. You may either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate.

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