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Use Sharepoint Workflows to Better Align Line of Business Processes with Computing Procedures

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. offers comprehensive video training content on building workflows for SharePoint with SharePoint Designer 2010. Our training content is available for purchase on DVD media for individuals and enterprise users. This content is also included in each of our individual and group subscription plans that provide unlimited access to all of the SharePoint training content offered on SharePoint-Videos dot com. Finally, this content may be accessed on a SharePoint 2010 Intranet (for enterprise use only) by an unlimited number of viewers with our VisualSP help system when our enterprise use DVD offer is selected. With regard to the latter application, we think that enterprise IT teams offering support for developers, citizen developers and other power users will find our help system to be very useful, especially when specialized content like our training set on building workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010 is included.

Microsoft’s MSDN Library includes an Introduction to Workflows in SharePoint Foundation. As this introduction makes clear, “[a] workflow allows you to attach a business process to items in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010. This process can control almost any aspect of an item in SharePoint Foundation 2010, including the life cycle of that item. For example, you could create a simple workflow that routes a document to a series of users for approval.” (quoted from an Introduction to Workflows In SharePoint Foundation on the MSDN web site). From this introduction we think most users will understand, at least conceptually, the value of workflows, and, as well, SharePoint (including Foundation, Server, and Enterprise Server) as a platform upon which line of business (LOB) procedures can be executed via collaborative computing.

“Collaborative” is an important term within our application of MSDN’s introduction to workflows to a presentation on creating SharePoint Workflows with SharePoint Designer from InfoPath forms and, finally, recording these procedures with Visio 2010. In fact workflows can be used to define how different groups of users will interact, digitally, as they collaborate to successfully deliver an LOB procedure. We think the fact that SharePoint can align computing procedures with business process is a very strong feature of the product that will deliver substantial savings as enterprise organizations go through the process of collecting intelligence about business procedures and quantifying them for purposes of analysis.

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