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Use Promoted Links on SharePoint 2013 Team Sites to Publish Important Information Directly to Members

On February 18th and 19, 2013 we published posts to this blog on the topic of the new Promoted Links feature for SharePoint 2013 Team Sites. This afternoon we explored one of the web parts included in the out of the box SharePoint 2013 set of 4 Promoted Links for Team Sites, “Tasks, Timeline and Calendar”. This web part adds project functionality to a Team Site and publishes a tasks list, by date, directly onto the Team Site Page. This should be a useful feature for teams. It cuts through many of the steps required with SharePoint 2010 to accomplish the same purpose.

A video tutorial on creating a task list for SharePoint 2010 Team Sites and another demonstrating how to create a calendar list are offered to all subscribers to SharePoint-Videos.com. But the core features of timelines and events for projects are not as easily published to Team Site pages with SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint 2013 Promoted Links streamlines the whole task list process. The editing page includes one click access to the SharePoint 2013 calendar web part to schedule milestones, a widget to browse all people directories at one time (including SharePoint Groups, Active Directory, All Users and Organizations) to assign roles, an option to add an out of the box Gantt Chart or to modify the event view, itself. Team leaders or members can even note tasks as completed as milestones are met. Once events are added, responsible parties are notified by email. Already scheduled events are easily located with the search box included on the editing page.

A summary timeline is available for team member review on the Team Site Page for all scheduled tasks. We think it would make sense to provide a comment feature along with the task list, so team members can express themselves about events on the schedule.

The project summary Promoted Link feature is another example of the pronounced emphasis on collaboration features in SharePoint 2013 team sites.

Ira Michael Blonder

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