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Use Native InfoPath 2010 Form Converters for Excel and Word Forms to Streamline Form Creation

We think that the prevalent software tools used to build forms for business procedures are two components of the Microsoft® Office suite — Excel and Word. InfoPath 2010 ships with native converters for forms built with either of these tools. These converters add to the value of forms production systems built around InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint 2010. After all, the amount of time required to produce web forms from either Excel or Word forms with InfoPath 2010 should be substantially less than the amount of time required to produce these same forms with other software tools that lack the required converters.

We offer a video tutorial on the topic of producing InfoPath 2010 forms from Word forms, Converting Microsoft Word documents to InfoPath 2010.

As we demonstrate in our tutorial, the process for converting complex forms created with Word into InfoPath 2010 forms can be a very simple one, where most of the conversion is seamlessly handled by the InfoPath application with very little demand on the user for any manual intervention (though we need to note that as we demonstrate in the video, some field names will have to be manually entered where “magic” characters like the # symbol, etc. are used in the Word form). On the other hand, some simple forms may require more manual work. However, in neither case will the manual demand on staff approach anything like the task of building these forms from scratch.

When this conversion capability, that is native to InfoPath 2010, is factored in, it should be that much more compelling for most organizations to plan on cost reduction as the result of implementing InfoPath 2010 and publishing forms to a SharePoint 2010 Intranet. We strongly advocate that organizations actually quantify the projected cost savings from such an implementation as a method of determining whether or not it makes sense to implement a forms production process built on these two software tools. In the process of drafting this type of plan an organization can also fill in a lot of the “blanks” of a road map for implementing the solution, which, naturally, will need to be in place prior to actually embarking on an implementation.

If your organization makes a substantial use of forms in daily business procedures, we think it makes lots of sense to consider InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint 2010 as a computing environment for the use of these forms. We welcome an opportunity to discuss your plans with you. Please contact us by telephone at +1 (630) 786-7026. Alternatively, you can contact us by email with any questions you may have about this video, the InfoPath 2010 set, and possible applications for individual as well as organizational-level viewing and use.

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