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Use Instructional SharePoint Videos to Train a Cross Section of All SharePoint Users

A common conundrum facing IT management is deciding where to allocate technology training budgets; is it more important to train users, or ought we to train internal administrators, architects and developers as a means of lowering our development costs? As we have written elsewhere in this blog, training budgets for SharePoint may be low, or even non existent; usually, this “no training dollars” condition arises from IT projects that either did not include ROI objectives, or failed to deliver on them. Now, with portfolio management a ubiquitous obligation for IT, regardless of whether or not a decision to implement SharePoint includes targeted, specific, cost savings, or not, rest assured that someone will scrutinize the project to determine value delivered.

There is not much to be said for “no SharePoint training budget” syndrome. Let’s focus, instead, on situations where funds are available for SharePoint training. Rehmani Consulting Inc has a perfect solution for the “how to spend” conundrum: we offer hybrid combinations of training that deliver needed instruction via SharePoint Videos that service the spectrum of user training, from end users/readers/sub site owners to SharePoint administrators, developers and architects.

For End Users:
The unique “always on” nature of SharePoint videos (meaning that, once installed on an intranet, within a SharePoint sub site, video training tutorials are available on demand and as needed) make them the perfect solution for the technical requirements of users who are not particularly enamored of SharePoint but who, nevertheless, must use SharePoint for specific procedures, but only as required.

For these users it is very important that technical instructional resources (such as training videos) be provisioned and available in context, and on demand, within SharePoint itself. These users will have little energy to research techniques out of context via books or even in person training classes.

Administrators, Developers, Site Collection Administrators & Architects
So-called higher level SharePoint users (including administrators, etc) have, by definition, more commitment to the technology and, therefore, can be trusted to venture out of context to find a required technique. As well, these users have training needs across a much wider range of topics and objectives; for example for continuing education, or for skills required for projects on hand that, nevertheless, will change over time.

For these users the ideal solution is to provide complete access to any of the tutorial videos available on SharePoint-Videos.com. Generally the number of these users will be proportionately much smaller than the community of end users–typically no more than 5-10%.

Our hybrid training solutions have been well received in the marketplace. If you would like us to elaborate on our description of our hybrid video training solution for global businesses and other large communities of SharePoint users, then please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate.

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