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Use a Page of Links to Add Context Sensitivity to Enterprise Subscriptions to On Demand Training Content

SharePoint-Videos.com offers two types of subscriptions for large communities of SharePoint users — Group ID and Multi-User. More information on this topic can be found on our Multi-User Licensing web page. But to ensure these subscriptions deliver the intended benefit, stakeholders should develop a useful perspective on the important differences between training SharePoint end users vs training users playing a role managing, administering, architecting, SharePoint, or developing applications for it.

End users benefit most when they can access training content directly within their computing workspace. Administrators, developers, architects, and designers benefit most when they can access a training resource rich with curated content. I’ve referred to the latter as an “immersive” training experience. The added benefit of in-context access for end users results from the relationship between these users and the SharePoint computing experience. They are using SharePoint as a method of, hopefully, successfully completing their daily computing tasks and not much more. Therefore, expecting them to dive into an immersive experience like our web site, which presently offers 836 video tutorials on SharePoint is an overly optimistic assumption. End users will have little patience with an immersive experience.

But how can one of our Multi User or Group ID subscriptions be configured to satisfy end user appetite for in-context training? We think a promising way to fabricate some of this experience can be achieved by putting together a SharePoint site page of links to specific video tutorials on our site. So it makes sense for subscription stakeholders to curate our content into supporting material for scopes, like the announcement list, or a calendar list, or a wiki page for a team site, etc. This curated content around scopes is an important feature of our VisualSP help system for SharePoint. The method I’m describing will include some of the in-context power of our VisualSP system and apply it to our enterprise SharePoint training subscription offers.

The page of links should include titles and descriptions for each of the video tutorials. SharePoint’s Search service will index this text content. End users should be able to use SharePoint search to access the specific video tutorial they need to use to master a technique and overcome an obstacle to success arising directly within the SharePoint work context.

We will shortly unveil an example of this system working in one of our demonstration environments. If you would like to be notified once we debut the working system, please let us know.

Ira Michael Blonder

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