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Training SharePoint End Users Is a Sensible Investment

A substantial portion of the technical support burden for SharePoint can be alleviated by training end users who usually utilize SharePoint simply to perform computer operations mandated by management. This type of superficial utilization of SharePoint is best supported through the acquisition of video instructional tutorials that cover any/all required procedures. The best approach for this type of instructional tutorial is to limit content to no more than recordings of computer procedures (typically so called screen shots that demonstrate mouse movement, selection of hot links, etc) with an audio track comprised of human instruction. Finally, including transcripts of spoken instruction in on-screen text boxes will be of further help to this class of SharePoint users.

We provide customers with the content they need for training SharePoint end users in a set of 105 tutorial videos that adhere precisely to the editorial guidelines we just described in the paragraph above. None of the tutorials in our collection exceeds an approximate length of 2mins. The technical content is limited strictly to the steps required to successfully execute procedures. Cursor movement is highlighted to facilitate ready comprehension by end users. The audio track is comprised of verbal instructions spoken by subject matter experts who have been publicly recognized for their technical expertise. In all, a perfect combination to satisfy end users while support overhead is kept to a bare minimum.

The acquisition costs for our complete set of 105 end user tutorials, for a group of 10K SharePoint users, amounts to an approximate one time cost per user of $1.50. Compared to the cost of supporting this size community the acquisition cost for our content is a substantial bargain. The likelihood that provisioning our end user tutorials will successfully alleviate support demands is high when you factor in two important features of our video tutorial collection:

  • We provision the collection to customers on a DVD for installation on corporate intranets. We recommend that the content be added to a SharePoint sub site. For customers who follow our recommendation, the training is, effectively, available on demand. Instructions can be repeated as frequently as required and whenever required, making for a high likelihood of user absorption of our instructional content
  • In addition, with our content added to a sub site, training material is truly available within the workspace context, which constitutes a substantial advantage that furthers the likelihood that instructional efforts will be successful

We would be happy to elaborate on the training recommendation that we have just made for SharePoint end users. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to discuss this topic at greater length.

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