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Train Users in Computer Procedures that Support a Governance Policy for SharePoint Server 2010

It can be argued that framing a governance policy for SharePoint Server 2010 is the single most important — not to mention promising — step that an organization committed to implementing SharePoint in a mission critical role for an enterprise can take. After all, the two extremes of simply approving SharePoint for computing use (without creating a set of authorized policies and/or procedures), or the opposite, declining to utilize SharePoint (where licenses are already in place) for suitable applications, make little sense. We think that, further, in both of these extreme cases enterprise businesses can find themselves saddled with substantial additional costs if remedies are not applied.

Framing a governance policy requires that SharePoint users correctly execute a number of computer procedures. These procedures include:

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We recommend that these procedures be implemented in conjunction with a governance policy that defines approved applications of SharePoint for specific business objectives. Management (ownership) should be clearly established for each business objective. Once management has been established, then permissions can be correctly created for SharePoint users who will:

  • create sites (and accompanying libraries, data repositories, manage lists, teams, etc)
  • collaborate with site owners
  • and read information on sites, etc.

With management, permissions and an overview of the role of SharePoint users across planned implementations, then policies and procedures can be established. These specific policies and procedures will define how SharePoint will be implemented. Further, these policies and procedures will determine how SharePoint will be used in conjunction with other computer applications and related procedures.

Our video tutorial collection can be used at each step in this process of establishing governance. For example, approved procedures can be culled from the very procedures that provide the subject matter for our tutorials on branding, list building, etc. Disseminating our training material to users as approved policies and procedures saves stake holders an otherwise time consuming chore of determining these procedures themselves.

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