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Tangible Benefits that can be Realized from SharePoint 2010 Features Require Technical Training

A number of unlimited subscription options are promoted by Rehmani Consulting, Inc. for all of the video training content on SharePoint-Videos dot com These unlimited “people” subscriptions make sense for organizations that need to widely expand the use of SharePoint for their business objectives. A quick review of the [c]ategories of Admin and Developer videos will provide any interested party with the satisfaction that “if SharePoint does it” we likely have a video that demonstrates how to get “it” done.

In fact, SharePoint is often depicted as the “Swiss Army Knife” of ECM, EDM, or collaboration computing platforms. The point of this depiction is to compare the numerous applications for out of the box SharePoint 2010 with the large number of tools included with a Swiss Army Knife. The usefulness of the depiction, however, is limited by the fact that one merely needs to open one of the Swiss Army Knife tools to gain access to its functionality. The task of actually implementing features of SharePoint is very different, truly more difficult. Granting SharePoint technical personnel access to video training content on a wide range of application functions is one of the most efficient methods that we know of to ensure rapid expansion of SharePoint functionality to include related and, potentially, highly beneficial processes.

Two of these applications that we have treated, at length in this blog, are SharePoint search and no-code application development with SharePoint Designer 2010. It’s worth taking a moment to point to business intelligence (BI) as a process that can most benefit from a successful application of the Term Store, Metadata Tagging and Taxonomy. Once documents, lists, libraries, etc. are properly organized in taxonomies in SharePoint, their usefulness increases, exponentially. The same taxonomic structure can be applied to collected BI data, which, we think, substantially enhances the value of the data.

With regard to using SharePoint 2010 as a method of automating project management, the same opinion will apply. Financial cost information specific to projects can be successfully collected into repositories that can be used by these same BI efforts. In fact, project deliverables, cost information, personnel activities, etc. can all be of high value for BI purposes. If your organization expects to get more functionality from out of the box SharePoint 2010 than your present experience, you should consider providing more user training content. Rehmani Consulting, Inc offers an integrated training solution that includes consulting, a highly effective delivery method, VisualSP, exceptional video training content for on premise use, and unlimited access to all of the content on our SharePoint-Videos dot com web site. You can either telephone us at +1 630-786-7026 or contact us via email with any questions you may have about our offers. Welcome an opportunity to learn further about the needs of your organization.

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