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Successfully Integrating SharePoint Should Include an In-Context Training Component for End Users, Readers & Site Owners

SharePoint Integration Partners should include an in-context training component like video tutorials within their plan to ensure a successful implementation of SharePoint by global businesses and other large organizations.

For end users, offering in-context access to short training videos that speak specifically to technical procedures is particularly valuable. Our experience has been that most end users have little, if any interest in higher level information about specific software, for example, SharePoint. When needs arise for training for these end users, the needed training must directly support software procedures; therefore, training resources must be specific to the software and stored in a location that is as accessible as possible to the procedural context. Further, training resources must support quick access, with little effort required on the part of end users. Low interest on the part of end users, readers and site owners in SharePoint, itself, will translate into commensurate low tolerance for lengthy searches to find the right technique to accomplish a task. Therefore, the best approach is to facilitate access to training directly within the context of technical procedures, themselves.

We recommend that our SharePoint-Videos.com end user training courses be installed on intranets and stored in a SharePoint sub site. The sub site should be included as a navigation item, which will appear in the top link bar and on the left side of pages on Quick Launch.

Once the majority of SharePoint users, meaning end users, readers and site owners, can all access the training they need to successfully implement SharePoint, then the likelihood of high levels of SharePoint adoption for the customer will be much higher. With higher levels of adoption, SharePoint can be effectively used by the same customer to deliver value and tangible cost savings as compared to alternative approaches to common requirements.

With regard to higher level users, meaning SharePoint Administrators, developers, architects, and Site Collection Administrators, we think concurrent access to online video tutorials posted on our SharePoint-Videos.com makes the most sense. We think that these higher level users have more native interest in SharePoint as software. They will not require in-context access to training. Further, they will have the time to attend longer tutorial presentations of higher level procedures and skill.

Of course, the integration partner responsible for the SharePoint implementation plan and execution stands to benefit the most from customers, at all levels, who derive a high level of utility from SharePoint. The immediate customer will be satisfied. As well, a successful implementation for SharePoint will serve as a strong foundation for referrals for new business. Therefore we recommend that Microsoft SharePoint integration partners recommend a hybrid subscription to our tutorial video content. This hybrid subscription (a combination of in-context end user training and concurrent online access for higher level users) should satisfy all of the video training needs of a typical global business or other large organization utilizing SharePoint.

If you are a Microsoft Integration Partner for SharePoint and would like to hear more about how our video training can be offered within your SharePoint proposal to your customer, then please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate with suggestions and tips for including a video training component in your offer.

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