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SQL Server Reporting Services are a Natural for SharePoint 2010

In 2004 Microsoft Corporation debuted SQL Server Reporting Services. James Niccolai of InfoWorld noted in Microsoft Launches SQL Server Reporting Services that demand for this product had reached such a frenzy that an analyst, Phillip Russom of Forrester Research, had note that “some of [these users] were so keen that they went into production with a beta version of the software released [in 2003]”. An interesting feature of this product was its ability to produce reports in HTML format, making it an absolute natural for SharePoint.

In September, 2011 MSDN released a Library entry, Configuring Reporting Services for SharePoint 2010 Integration. As this MSDN entry notes, “You can configure a deployment of SQL Server Reporting Services to work with a deployment of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.” Rehmani Consulting Inc offers tutorial video training on this same topic, Reporting Services Using SharePoint 2010 and Report Builder 3.0. The intended audience for our set are SharePoint or SQL Server 2008 Administrators, Developers and Architects.

We offer an individual use license for this training content at a cost of $195.00. At a a cost of $1995.00 we will provide customers with an enterprise license, which allows an unlimited number of participants to view our training content, usually over an Intranet where our content has been stored in a SharePoint sub site. An enterprise license makes perfect sense for enterprise businesses with 10 or more individuals collaborating in the SQL Server Reporting Services effort. Literally tens of thousands of dollars that would otherwise be expended on in-person training options can be saved through a purchase of an enterprise license for our training content for an audience with the experience set described above. SQL Server 2008 and SharePoint 2010 administrators usually have the background required to make best use of our training content, which is terse, heavy on computer operations, light on abstraction, and free of bobbing heads. Further, organized into 13 tutorial videos, our content affords the user an ability to quickly locate need instruction on demand, meaning precisely when training is required and, specifically, within a SharePoint 2010 workspace.

Equipped with requisite training, SQL Server 2008 and/or SharePoint 2010 personnel will gain the ability to provide business users with the features they require to produce reports suitable for management review and analysis in either HTML, Excel Spreadsheet, or PDF files. Once management has access to familiar, intelligible reports that have been produced directly from business data, the opportunity to gather meaningful business intelligence from accurate historical information will be at hand which, in itself, represent a valuable contribution to business operation.

Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about your interest in SQL Server Reporting Services and SharePoint 2010. We are always keen to learn topics of interest to you.

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