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Solutions are at hand to Build Mission Critical Records Management Systems on SharePoint 2010

The Risk Management Association (RMA) recently announced the publication of Managing Records in SharePoint 2010 authored by Bruce Miller.

As we have alluded in earlier posts to this blog, it is certainly within the range of SharePoint 2010 to craft mission-critical applications. Much of what we have written on this topic emphasizes the need for corporate will as a prime motive force for such efforts. From what we have read of Mr. Miller’s book, we can now say that applying this corporate will in support of an effort to build a records management system with SharePoint 2010 probably makes excellent sense with loads of value to be captured at the end of the implementation phase. After all, for some industries there is noting conditional about compliance reporting. For these industries compliance reporting (which must be built upon a records management system that adheres to regulatory specifications) is mandatory. Mr. Miller’s book promises to portray the alternatives to deliver precisely these compliant records management systems with SharePoint 2010.

We spoke briefly with Mr. Miller. We mentioned that there are solutions on the market in the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) area that purport to handle precisely the range of GRC business activities required of heavily regulated businesses. We took notice when he ventured that some of these solutions may not do the job with regards to records management that one would otherwise expect to be the case. Ostensibly, if one follows the guidelines that Mr. Miller defines in his book, then SharePoint 2010 can be crafted to fill in the gap.

Rehmani Consulting offers several video tutorials for SharePoint 2010 that support the implementation of an ambitious and comprehensive governance strategy. All of this tutorial content is available to individuals, groups, and hybrid sets of SharePoint users who opt for one of our SharePoint 2010 Video Training Subscription Plans. Application of the procedures covered by our training content should certainly contribute strongly to the success of an implementation of SharePoint 2010 for a records management requirement.

We are most interested in speaking with regulated businesses and other groups who would like to implement a strong governance structure with SharePoint 2010 and, specifically, to service a mission-critical requirement for records management. It should be noted that a mission-critical application of SharePoint 2010 for such purpose will deliver, additionally, a powerful capability to determine, comprehensively, just what/where/who/why with regards to documents stored across an enterprise. Therefore, the benefits to business intelligence (BI) gathering promised by a successful implementation of this type should be equally compelling to organizations contemplating this type of system development.

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